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Latest advances in eye and vision research featured at ARVO 2018 Annual Meeting
News conference to feature high tech advances in vision research

International conference to bring together world leaders in eye cancer
Scientists and clinicians will explore latest development to improve diagnosis and treatment

New study finds federally-funded technology saved Medicare $9 billion
A new study quantifying a 21-fold return on investment suggests an efficient — and non-partisan — method to cut healthcare spending is to invest in basic research

2017 Releases

Eye freckles? Dark spots on iris may be caused by sun exposure
Researchers investigate spots as potential biomarker for disease

Ebola lingers in survivors' eyes
Cells that provide immune privilege also prevent virus clearance

k3D-printed implant helps children born with small or missing eyes
A new, personalized and noninvasive treatment using 3-D printed implants has been developed to help children born with abnormally small or missing eyes (microphthalmia/ anophthalmia, or MICA).

Repurposed glaucoma drug halts myopia progression
A generic glaucoma drug has been shown to halt the progression of myopia (nearsightedness), potentially offering rapid approval for a new treatment of an incurable condition.

Emerging trends and hot topics: Presented Thursday, May 11 at the ARVO Annual Meeting
Emerging trends and hot topics: Presented Wednesday, May 10 at the ARVO Annual Meeting
Emerging trends and hot topics: Presented Tuesday, May 9 at the ARVO Annual Meeting
Emerging trends and hot topics: Presented Monday, May 8 at the ARVO Annual Meeting
Emerging trends and hot topics: Presented Sunday, May 7 at the ARVO Annual Meeting 

Predatory bacteria kills multi-drug resistant bacteria on eyes
Scientists have developed a new method to clear antibiotic resistant bacteria from the surface of the eye, introducing a new strain of bacteria that preys on other microorganisms. 

Augmented reality may extend treatment window for adult lazy eye
Using augmented-reality (AR) display systems, scientists have restored visual function in the amblyopic (lazy) eyes of patients outside of the currently accepted window for treatment.

Cell replacement could restore vision lost to neurodegeneration
Scientists have demonstrated the capacity to grow specialized neurons that relay visual data to the brain, creating a source of cells for future treatments of glaucoma and other optic neurodegenerative diseases.

One in five patients in eye clinics have depression, study suggests
A survey of adult participants seen in an urban eye hospital revealed that one-in-five study participants had clinically significant depressive symptoms.

Prenatal exposure to marijuana may have lasting effects on vision
Scientists have shown for the first time that gestational exposure to marijuana smoke in animals affects the development of the eye and these alterations seem to progress with age.

Artificial intelligence predicts severe AMD development
After gathering optical coherence tomography (OCT) images of 38 patients' retinas with early/intermediate AMD researchers used the algorithm to accurately predict the occurrence of drusen regression within the next 12 months.

Potential remedies for vision loss emerge at ARVO conference

Eye research meeting brings giant globe to Baltimore showing heat map of worldwide blindness
For the first time, information about worldwide blindness and vision impairment is being projected onto NASA's room-sized, global display system during the ARVO 2017 Annual Meeting in Baltimore.

ARVO opposes cuts to medical research budget; urges increased investment
ARVO urges Congressional leaders to reject the U.S. administration's recent FY18 budget proposal, which seeks to drastically cut National Institute of Health funding by nearly $6 billion, or 20%.

ARVO supports the March for Science
ARVO joined with other scientific societies in partnering with the March for Science, a mass outpouring of non-partisan support for science and the scientific community.
Katrina Norfleet
Posted: 4/6/2018