ARVO's Strategic Plan includes increasing members' effectiveness in speaking on behalf of global vision research to the public.

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2014 Annual Meeting contest

The average person — your neighbors, friends and children — can find science difficult to understand. But scientists need public support to help ensure strong government funding and favorable regulations for research. It's vital that eye and vision researchers can communicate clearly – to everyone – about their work.

We asked ARVO members to explain their work in a way that a 12-year-old would understand. ARVO President Justine R. Smith, FRANZCO, PhD, FARVO, selected the top 3 entries. 

And the winners are ...

1st place 

"Just as waste builds up if we don't take out the garbage each week, trash can build up in the back of some people's eyes as they get older, causing loss of vision in a disease called macular degeneration. I'm interested in understanding why some eyes take out the trash and others refuse to, and how we can trick garbage-filled eyes into cleaning up their mess."

-- Jason Miller, Kellogg Eye Center, University of Michigan - RC Section

2nd place

"To see tiny things you look through a magnifying glass, and to see really tiny things you look through a microscope. I’m building an eye microscope to let the doctors see those really tiny things inside your eye."

-- Kari Vienola, Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute - EY Section

3rd place

"Some people suffer from a disease called keratoconus where the eye changes from a smooth soccer ball shape to a pointy football shape. I have written some computer programs that help scan the eyes and find patients with this problem to help them sooner and keep their eyes in good shape."

-- Irene Ruiz Hidalgo, Antwerp University Hospital, VI Section

Our winners received:

        1st place: $250 gift voucher for Amazon.com and complimentary registration for ARVO 2015 in Denver, Colo.

        2nd place: $150 gift voucher for Amazon.com

        3rd place: $150 gift voucher for  Amazon.com 

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