2014 Achievement Award recipients

ARVO announces the 2014 recipients of the following ARVO Achievement awards:

Proctor Medal

Proctor and Friedenwald Awards are presented annually to recognize outstanding research in the basic or clinical sciences as applied to ophthalmology.

Wolfgang Baehr, PhD, FARVO (BI)
University of Utah, School of Medicine

ARVO 2014 lecture: Membrane Protein Transport in Photoreceptors
Monday, May 5, 5:45 - 6:30pm

Baehr’s work has impacted the understanding of phototransduction and remained a cornerstone of photoreceptor biochemistry. He pioneered the application of molecular biology to phototransduction research by employing newly discovered technologies to sequence cDNAs encoding the proteins. He has made significant contributions to the understanding of the basic biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics of photoreceptors, as well as the molecular and genetic mechanisms of retina diseases. Since 1968, Baehr has published more than 170 manuscripts, book chapters, reviews and editorials.


Friedenwald Award 

Proctor and Friedenwald Awards are presented annually to recognize outstanding research in the basic or clinical sciences as applied to ophthalmology.

Krzysztof Palczewski, PhD (BI)
Case Western Reserve University, Pharmacology School of Medicine 

ARVO 2014 lecture: Structural biology of the fundamental steps in vision
Wednesday, May 7, 6:45 - 7:30pm

Palczewski has played a key role in fundamental discoveries pertaining to the biochemistry of phototransduction and retinoid metabolism. His research has helped identify genetic mutations  in blinding diseases and the discovery of novel methods for their treatment. He made extraordinary contributions to the historic determination of the three-dimensional structure of the visual pigment molecule, rhodopsin. His research contributions include over 370 peer-reviewed scientific articles published since 1983 in the most prestigious journals, a formidable grant history and a lasting influence on other investigators in his areas of research.


Weisenfeld Award

The Weisenfeld Award is presented annually to an individual in recognition of distinguished scholarly contributions to the clinical practice of ophthalmology.

José Cunha-Vaz, MD, PhD (RE)
The Association for Innovation and Biomedical Research on Light and Image (ALIBILI)

ARVO 2014 lecture: Phenotypes and biomarkers of diabetic retinopathy
Monday, May 5, 6:45 - 7:30pm

Cunha-Vaz is recognized as a prolific innovator in ophthalmic research for his work over the past four and a half decades as well as his important contributions to scientific and clinical literature. He has been a leader in many organizations and institutions, including his time as chief editor of Ophthalmologica, president of the European Society of Retinal Specialists and dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Coimbra. He inaugurated an impressive list of ophthalmic institutions, such as The Association for Innovation and Biomedical Research on Light and Image (AIBILI), a non-profit organization in Portugal that houses a clinical trials center. Cunha-Vaz has received a large number of awards, honors and prizes and his publications list includes over 460 citations.


Cogan Award

The Cogan Award is recognizes a young researcher who is 40 years of age or less at the time of nomination. This person will have made important and worthwhile contributions to research in ophthalmology or visual science which is directly related to disorders of the human eye or visual system, and who shows substantial promise for the future.

Kirill Martemyanov, PhD (BI)
The Scripps Research Institute

ARVO 2014 lecture: G protein signaling in the retina and beyond
Wednesday, May 7, 5:45 - 6:30pm

In just 12 years, Martemyanov has made a series of seminal contributions, published in some of the top scientific journals, to the understanding of G-protein signaling in photoreceptors, ON-bipolar cells and throughout the central nervous system. His postdoctoral research discoveries laid the foundation for two landmark studies on visual function, involving multiple groups of collaborating investigators for major advances in the understanding of the mechanism by which the temporal resolution of vision is regulated at the molecular level. His research in both retina and brain have brought him wide recognition in the vast GPCR signaling community that makes him not only a leader and advocate for the value and importance of basic vision research.


Joanne G. Angle Award

Martine J. Jager, MD, PhD, FARVO (AP)                    
Leiden University Medical Center                                                                                      

Former ARVO president, Martine J. Jager, MD, PhD, FARVO, has been selected for the 2014 Joanne G. Angle Award for her contribution to ARVO. The Angle Award is ARVO’s highest service honor, recognizing outstanding leaders who have made significant, continuous contributions to ARVO. Jager has served ARVO since 1998. She is a Gold Fellow, was ARVO’s first international president and served on several committees, including those for the Annual Meeting Program, Advocacy, Professional Development and Education, International Members and Long Range Planning. She has played a key role in ARVO’s International Chapter Affiliate program, including serving as chair of the Chapter Affiliate Council. Jager is a member of the ARVO Foundation’s Dowling Society, thanks to her decade-long support of the G. M. Jager Travel Grant. She is also active on the Women in Eye and Vision Research Leadership Committee. She has served on the editorial board of IOVS and as a mentor for Developing Country Eye Researcher Travel Fellowship recipients since 2009.



Distinguished Service Awards

The Distinguished Service Award is presented to elected ARVO officers and editors-in-chief upon completion of their terms, in appreciation for dedicated service to ARVO.  
Sir Peng Tee Khaw, MD, PhD, FARVO 
NIHR Biomedical Research Centre, Moorfields Eye Hospital/UCL Institute Ophthalmology
Immediate Past President, President and GL Section Trustee
 PKhaw Photo(1)
Jacob Pe'er, MD, FARVO
Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center
 Vice President and AP Section Trustee
 Pe'er Photo(1)
Anton M. Kolomeyer, MD, PhD
At-Large Members-in-Training Trustee
 Anton Kolomeyer Photo
Phoenix research labs