2013 Asia-ARVO

Oct 28 - 31, 2013 New Delhi, India



Oct. 28 - 31, 2013
Ashok International Convention & Exhibition Centre
New Delhi, India


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Program topics:

• Stem cell biology
• Stem cell-based therapies
• Reprogramming and regeneration
• Gene therapy
• Small molecule screening and drug discovery
• Model organisms
• Eye development
• Inherited eye diseases
• Genetics of AMD
• Understanding AMD
• Diabetic retinopathy: Recent advances
• Recent advances in glaucoma
• Common eye diseases: What is new?

• Lens: what don't we know yet?
• Gene regulation during development and disease
• Signaling pathways
• Angiogenesis
• Crystallins, chaperons and heat shock proteins
• Oxidative stress: Is it responsible for all advanced agediseases
• Aging and eye disease
• Anti-oxidants: A cure for all ills
• Epidemiology of eye diseases in developing countries
• Infections and eye disease
• Vision beyond retina: Processing of visual information
• Physiology of vision
• The eye and systemic diseases

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