Drug and Gene Conference Delivery to the Back of the Eye: From Bench to Bedside

Jun 15 - 16, 2012 Denver, Colorado


The purpose of this conference was to share cutting edge science, based on drug product development principles among a diverse group of participants, to expedite the translation of new small molecule, protein and nucleic acid therapeutic agents from the bench to the bedside.

This conference focused on topics related to current and emerging technologies for drug/gene delivery for the treatment of diseases of the back of the eye. It integrated the topics of nanotechnology; current and emerging drug and gene delivery systems; and smart delivery strategies to address current challenges and future opportunities in treating blinding diseases.

This conference also addressed clinical successes and failures in delivering drugs to the posterior segment of the eye. Oral and poster presentations were made by participants from academia, industry and the clinical setting.

Participants were drawn from a diverse group of individuals including academic, clinical and private sectors, regulatory agencies, minorities and traditionally underrepresented communities in science careers.

The two-day conference included oral and poster presentations. Abstract submissions will be reviewed and accepted for appropriate placement in the agenda.

Conference organizers

  • Uday B. Kompella, University of Colorado Denver, Conference Chair
  • Henry F. Edelhauser, PhD, Emory University
  • Kay Rittenhouse, PhD, Pfizer
  • Adriana Di Polo, PhD, University of Montreal
  • Cheryl Rowe-Rendleman, PhD, Omar Consulting Group LLC

Learning objectives

  1. Summarize, assess and analyze the appropriateness of current and emerging modes of drug administration for local and targeted drug/gene therapies for diseases of the back of the eye.
  2. Discern the appropriateness of a variety of gene delivery systems for the treatment of posterior segment diseases.
  3. Summarize nanotechnology fundamentals and garner a deeper understanding of smart drug/gene delivery system development and practical applications.
  4. Formulate proof-of-principle and advanced research strategies that will assist in the selection of drug/gene delivery systems with translational potential.
  5. Assess and analyze current clinical study designs in order to pave the way for future clinical successes in the treatment of back of the eye diseases.

2012 sponsors

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