Megan Capozzi

Reflections from MIT Trustee Megan Capozzi

Dear Members in Training …

As an MIT, have you ever been overwhelmed by all there is to do at the ARVO Annual Meeting? In my experience, the scientific program, opportunities for networking and the mentoring/professional development sessions are vast, thorough and hugely beneficial to all — from trainees to veteran members. Behind all of this is a lot of work and planning led by a number of impressive staff members, ARVO member volunteers and the Board of Trustees.

As the MIT member on the Board of Trustees, I have learned what goes on behind-the-scenes at ARVO and saw just how much planning is involved (a lot!). By attending the board meetings, I learned about and participated in the planning and projections for the organization. I served on multiple working groups such as those targeted at member communications and women’s leadership, among others. Through all these opportunities, I have had the pleasure of working with leaders across a number of subspecialties, and it is exciting to see the energy and dedication of these members to this organization.

One of the most significant experiences I’ve had as a Trustee was working with staff and a variety of ARVO members to launch ARVOConnect. ARVOConnect has become such a valuable discussion platform for members to communicate about a wide range of topics, from science to mentoring. It has been really rewarding to be a part of all the work that went into developing this powerful communication and education tool.

Currently, you have the exciting opportunity to contribute to and learn about this amazing meeting and organization through hands-on experience by applying for the MIT Trustee position. Whether you are a medical or graduate student, postdoc or resident, you will certainly learn a lot in this position. The application is now open, and I encourage all MITs who are committed to both the field and this organization to apply by the July 7 deadline.

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