Online Planner 2015

Program tab
View the entire ARVO meeting in one place. Here you can search and select sessions you're
interested in and save them to your personal itinerary.
   • The Program search feature will search session and abstract titles when the Show
     Presentations filter is checked and applied.
   • Use the Category and Scientific Section filters to narrow your search.
   • Login with your ARVO username and password to save sessions and abstracts to your
     schedule and My Starred Items list. This all synchronizes with the ARVO 2015 mobile app.
   • To add a session or abstract to your Schedule, click on the Tab1
   • To add a session or abstract to your "My Starred Items" list, click on the Tab2
   • Use the Download Schedule button to download and print your itinerary. 

Abstracts tab
   • Searches the full content of each abstract.
   • Select an abstract title to view it in full.   
      o Use the View Session Detail button to
         view all the presentations in a session.
      o Select the Print Abstract to send the contents
         to a print friendly tab within your browser.