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Responding to the executive order on travel restrictions

On January 27, U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order that temporarily bans citizens of seven countries from entering the U.S.: Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Libya and Yemen.

In response to court-ordered blocks on the original executive order, the administration will put into effect on March 13 a revised executive order restricting travel for individuals from six countries (Iraq is now removed).

ARVO issued a statement, provided resources for members to share their thoughts with ARVO, their political representatives and their social media networks, as well as gathered a list of responses from other organizations.

ARVO's response

ARVO issued a statement to the original travel ban on Feb. 1, in which we described our concerns about the impact the travel restrictions will have on the free exchange of knowledge among our members and scientists in all fields around the globe. ARVO stands by that statement in the face of the revised executive order, which we also call upon the administration to rescind.
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Read ARVO's Statement on Diversity and Open Scientific Exchange

Intersociety letter 
ARVO is among 164 of the nation’s leading scientific, engineering and academic organizations who sent an intersociety letter to President Trump urging him to rescind the recent executive order on immigration and visas.
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How can members respond? 

Tell us how ban will affect your attendance at ARVO 2017
Presenters and attendees who are directly affected by the immigration ban, please complete a form and share how the ban is impacting your ability to attend ARVO 2017 in Baltimore.
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Under some circumstances, including inability to obtain a visa for travel to the U.S., you may request a substitute presenter for your abstract. Please see the Abstract Withdrawal and Substitute Presenter Policy.

Contact your legislators 
U.S. residents can use this tool to contact your local representatives urging them to stand against the executive order.
Contact your local representatives

Social media can be a powerful advocacy tool. Access the list of Twitter accounts for all U.S. Congressmen and Senators.
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Other organizational responses

Read statements from other scientific organizations who have reached out to the Trump Administration to oppose the executive order.