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March timeline

Start: Washington D.C., North of Washington Monument, Constitution Avenue NW between 15th and 17th street.
8am: Grounds open.
9am: Teach-ins start.
10am: Main stage rally program begins.
2pm: March begins!

The route: The March will form on the Washington Monument Grounds and proceed over the following route: starting at 15th and Constitution Avenue NW and proceed east on Constitution Avenue NW to 3rd Street NW, south on 3rd Street NW into Union Square where the group will disperse. 

ARVO has joined with other scientific societies in partnering with the March for Science, a mass outpouring of non-partisan support for science and the scientific community.

"The goals of the March, and certainly the intent of ARVO, is to humanize science, partner with and engage the broader public, advocate for open, inclusive, and accessible science, support scientists, and affirm science as a vital feature of a working democracy." Claude Burgoyne, MD, FARVO, ARVO president-elect

ARVO has released a statement in support of the March for Science
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ARVO is a co-signer on a post-March multi-society statement that commits to fostering global public support for science.
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How can members participate?

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Let us know if you’ll be participating in the March via #MarchForScience and how your research serves society via #ScienceServes.
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Contact your legislators  

U.S. residents can use this tool to contact your local representatives urging them to stand against the executive order.
Social media can be a powerful advocacy tool. Access the list of Twitter accounts for all U.S. Congressmen and Senators.

Find a March near you 
There are Marches scheduled in over 150 cities around the world. 
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ARVO president-elect Claude Burgoyne, MD, FARVO, described the rationale for ARVO to join the March.
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Helpful Tips for Science March

Here are some recommendations and tips to keep in mind while participating in the March for Science with ARVO. These recommendations are based on several prior experiences in similar events, and operating under the assumption that the event may be unorganized, crowded, and at times a little chaotic. 

  • Your cell phone might not work. Due to the large crowds, even if your phone shows service, it may have difficulty or be unable to send/receive calls. Text messages are more likely to get through in this case, or you can use WiFi from cafés, fast food restaurants, or other free sources to send messages (on non-SMS platforms such as Apple iMessage or Facebook Messenger).
  • Keep your personal items close. Even though this is a friendly event, it’s best to not take chances. Keep your personal items (wallet, keys, phone, etc.) in hard to access pockets or a secure bag. Bring as little as possible. 
  • Any bags bigger than a very small purse are not allowed unless they are clear. Transparent backpacks can be found in some pharmacies and department stores. They are great for food, water, and other similar supplies Remember that it’s clear, any valuables inside will be on display.
  • Bring some stuff to eat and drink. Depending on your group, you might be out on your feet for hours. All local shops will be completely flooded and the lines will be difficult. You can avoid dependence on this by bringing a clear bag with some water and snacks.
    • Do bring:
      • Some snacks for you and friends/family
      • Drinks
      • Cell phone with numbers of people in group
      • Note card with people in group and address of meeting points
      • ID
      • Light rain jacket (or other weather-appropriate clothing) 
  • Do not bring:
        • Unnecessary valuables (cameras, nice bags)
        • Non-transparent (opaque) bags/backpacks
        • Umbrellas (check rules on this, they may be allowed but often are not)
        • Anything you wouldn’t bring to a public park or children’s playground (weapons, drugs, alcohol, etc.)
    • Know where the bathrooms are. If you have a bathroom nearby that is not public access, that is best. Otherwise try to be aware of where the nearest bathrooms are as the lines might be very long and most stores will require a purchase to use their bathroom, meaning you wait twice (one line to purchase something, next line to use the bathroom).
    • If you see someone doing something illegal, leave the area ASAP. This is extremely important since law enforcement officials arrive after an event has started they have no surefire way of knowing who was involved, you do not want to be suspected of anything and the best way to avoid that is to not be around. Call the police if you are clear from the area and believe no-one has called yet. 
    • Have a plan if you get separated. Since there may not be cell service, it can be difficult to coordinate if you or someone in your group gets separated. Have a common meeting point near enough to the route and somewhere with a roof in case it is raining. Setting a meeting point outside can end up frustrating if people look for shelter in unexpected inclement weather. Most importantly, and to avoid this issue, stay with your group.
    Download a PDF of the Helpful Tips