Below are results of the voting that commenced at the ARVO 2019 Annual Meeting in Vancouver. 

New AMPC members

Anatomy and Pathology/Oncology (APO) Section – Anatomy sub-section
Frances Rucker, PhD, MCOptom, FAAO

Anatomy and Pathology/Oncology (APO) Section – Pathology/Oncology sub-section
Vivian Lee, MD

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BI) Section
Carlo Rivolta, PhD

Clinical/Epidemiologic Research (CL) Section
Alison Abraham, PhD

Tiarnan Keenan, MD, PhD

Cornea (CO) Section - Basic-scientist
Vivien Coulson-Thomas, MSc, PhD

Rajiv Mohan, MS, PhD, FARVO

Cornea (CO) Section - Clinician-scientist
Matilda Chan, MD, PhD

Eye Movements/Strabismus/Amblyopia/Neuro-Ophthalmology (EY) Section
Fatema Ghasia, MD

Glaucoma (GL) Section - (2 seats)

Abbot (Abe) Clarke, PhD, FARVO

Yvonne Ou, MD

Immunology/Microbiology (IM) Section
Ashok Kumar, PhD

Lens (LE) Section
Julie Lim, PhD

Physiology/Pharmacology (PH) Section
Doreen Schmidl, MD, PhD

Retina (RE) Section - U.S. seat
Glenn Yiu, MD, PhD

Nadia Waheed, MD

Retina (RE) Section - non-U.S. seat
Stela Vujosevic, MD, PhD, FEBO

Retinal Cell Biology (RC) Section (2 seats)
Petr Baranov, MD, PhD

Yan Chen, PhD

Visual Psychophysics/Physiological Optics (VI) Section
Jos Rozema, PhD

Visual Neuroscience (VN) Section
Steven DeVries, MD, PhD

Genetics (GEN) Cross-sectional Group - (RE Section)
Alice Davidson, PhD (BI)

Low Vision (LV) Cross-sectional Group - (VI Section)
Alexander Black, PhD (CL)

Multidisciplinary Ophthalmic Imaging (MOI) Cross-sectional Group - (VN section)
Roxana Ursea, MD (AP)

Marinko Sarunic, PhD (RE)

Please see the 2019 Trustee election results below:

Immunology/Microbiology (IM) Section - 2019 Trustee-Elect
Andrew W. Taylor, PhD, FARVO

Retinal Cell Biology (RC) Section - 2019 Trustee-Elect
Patricia D’Amore, MBA, PhD, FARVO

Visual Psychophysics/Physiological Optics (VI) Section - 2019 Trustee-Elect
Stephen A. Burns, PhD, FARVO

Please see the 2020 Trustee candidate election results below:

PH Trustee nominees (these 2 move forward to stand in the 2020 Trustee elections)
Leopold Schmetterer, PhD, FARVO
Naj Sharif, PhD, FARVO, FBPhS

RE Trustee nominees (these 2 move forward to stand in the 2020 Trustee elections)
Julia Haller, MD, FARVO
Srinivas R. Sadda, MD, FARVO