March for Science Contest Entries


Below is the official ARVO logo for the March for Science.  


ARVO logo transfer - jade ARVO logo


The following images are artwork submitted by members in the Sign Art Contest. Feel free to use these images to  create your own t-shirts using transfers, print signs or share via social media.  

      Artwork contest 20                            

  MfS logo 21
  Artwork Contest 1
  Artwork contest 2     
Artwork contest3
  Artwork contest16      Artwork contest4
  Artwork contest9   Artwork contest5
    Artwork contest8
  Artwork contest6
  Artwork contest7
  Artwork contest10
  Artwork contest11     Artwork contest12
  Artwork Contest 19   Artwork Contest 18
  Artwork contest14   Artwork contest15
  Artwork contest13     Artwork contest 17