Organize an event at your institution or in your local community using the ARVO Outreach Toolkits.

The real world impact of OCT

This guide describes what optical coherence tomography is and provides facts and figures describing the health and economic benefits of OCT research.


How to advocate for vision research on Capitol Hill

This guide describes how to prepare for meeting your representatives on Capitol Hill. While the guide is written with a visit to Washington, D.C. in mind, it can also be used to prepare for visits to state capitals.


Prepare for a patient engagement day

This guide describes how to organize a small patient engagement day in which scientists and patients can come  together to share their stories and perspectives.


Prepare an event for scientists about science policy issues

This guide aims to provide a basic schedule of tasks for creating a stand-alone event that raises awareness of science policy issues. More broadly, this guide could be used for planning any type of event that brings guest speakers to a group of interested individuals in an academic setting.  


Prepare an optical illusion-themed exhibit at a science exhibition

The purpose of this guide is to clearly lay out the steps necessary to host an exhibit at a science exhibition that  demonstrates five optical illusions to K-12 students and adults.

Download the optical illusions toolkit

International Advocacy Handbook

This handbook from ARVO and NAEVR is provided to members and others to help increase vision research funding worldwide. This publication presents potential advocacy activities and accompanying examples.


Diversity Recruitment Brochure

The ARVO Diversity Committee has created this brochure as a resource to use at career fairs and other appropriate venues. It is aimed primarily at undergraduates and high school students who may be exploring science careers.


Animal Research Toolkit - Members only

This toolkit has been prepared by the ARVO Animals in Research Committee to suggest proactive and reactive strategies for ARVO members who use animals in their research.

Download the Animal Research Toolkit