FAQ for online presentations and publishing of ARVO 2020 accepted abstracts

If I want to submit an online presentation, do I also have to have my abstract published in IOVS?
Submitting an online presentation is like presenting at ARVO, so your abstract should also be published in Investigative Ophthalmology & Vision Science (IOVS). However, these two options are not mutually exclusive. If you have extraordinary circumstances, you may submit a recorded presentation without publishing.

Are poster abstracts included in the online presentation option?
Yes, poster presenters have the option to submit a video presentation. Poster files will not be accepted. Papers and posters submissions will be identified within ARVOLearn so viewers will know how the content was originally programmed.

Since my registration fee was refunded are these options still free of charge?
You can submit your ARVO 2020 accepted abstract as an online presentation and publish your abstract in IOVS at no cost.

Will there be a fee to access the online presentations?
Access to the submitted online presentations is included in your membership. Nonmembers may subscribe to the online content for $50 USD.

Can I submit my ARVO 2020 abstract for ARVO 2021?
If you want to present the same abstract without changes at ARVO 2021 you should opt out of publishing in IOVS / withdraw from the 2020 Meeting. In this case, you should not submit elsewhere for presentation or publication in the meantime, in order to comply with the ARVO Pre-Publication Policy for 2021.

If you will be working on the same research but will present new or additional findings for 2021, it is not necessary to opt out of publishing in IOVS / withdraw your 2020 abstract.

Is opting out of publication in IOVS the same thing as withdrawing my abstract?
Yes, opting out of publication is the same thing. It is not necessary to separately request withdrawal of your abstract.

Can an abstract submitted for the ARVO Annual Meeting be submitted to a journal for publication consideration?
Abstracts must be work that has not been submitted for formal publication or to a preprint server prior to the abstract submission deadline. After the abstract submission deadline, an author is at liberty to submit their abstract to a journal for publication consideration.

Can an abstract submitted for the ARVO Annual Meeting be submitted to another conference for presentation?
An author is at liberty to submit an abstract to another conference for presentation if the conference dates are after the ARVO Annual Meeting. The policies of the subsequent meeting would determine whether presentation of the same abstract again is permissible.

When will the abstracts be published in IOVS?
Abstracts were published in the June 2020 IOVS special issue. Access the issue

When will the online presentations be available?
As of June 12, all recordings that were submitted are now available.

How will I access the online presentations?
The online presentations will be hosted in the Media library catalog within ARVOLearn. Learn more

How long will the online presentations be available on ARVOLearn?
All ARVO Annual Meeting recorded presentations are available for five years on ARVOLearn.