Introduction to AMD: Current research and therapeutics

Thank you for registering for the Education Course, Introduction to AMD: Current research and therapeutics. The course took place on Saturday, April 28, from 8am - 12:30pm at the Hawaii Convention Center, in room 316C.

Use the links below to access the course presentations. All presentations may not be available at this time. Presenters will be given the option to provide their presentations, or an updated version, after the course. Attendees will be notified via email if new or updated presentations are available. No paper copies will be available at the course.

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James Handa
New: AMD – The clinical perspective. Its clinical presentation, pathology, current treatment options, and key clinicopathologic indicators for basic research

Cynthia Toth
New: AMD – Clinical imaging. Identifying disease, progression and therapeutic endpoints

Catherine Bowes Rickman
AMD – The translational value of preclinical animal models

Andrew Dick
New: AMD – From the immunologist perspective

Jiang Qian
New: AMD—Identifying New and Relevant Pathways at Different Disease Stages using Systems Biology

Ashwath Jayagopal
New: AMD - An Industry Perspective and Emerging Therapeutic Concepts