Online Planner Tips

Icons in each view allow you to further interact and organize. The list below provides details on what the icons do (not all may be available in each view):

Planner Icons

Quickly Personalize

Planner personalization

Press and hold from any list view to add a session to your schedule or bookmark available records like exhibitors or speakers.

Plan Each Day

Plan your day

Use the visual time blocks in the Schedule View to plan your day with available sessions during the provided time periods.

Tap the Settings menu in the Schedule view to add personal meetings or export your itinerary via Email Schedule.

The exported file can then be imported into any calendar program that supports the .ics calendar format (including MS Outlook).

Limit Results with Filters

Planner filters

The Session, Speaker, Member, and Exhibitor lists offer a variety of Filter options. Combine multiple keywords and multiple Filter selections to get just the results you are interested in.

Try the All Sessions at a Glance option and combine with filters to see lists of sessions sorted chronologically by start time and separated by day. 

Quickly Page Through Results

Please note: This feature is only available on iOS

Planner search features

The left and right screen areas in detail views allow you to rapidly page through any lists. For example, any presentation list within the main session or any search results can be paged through. 

Explore More Features

Explore more

Use the More tab to access additional features and links that are offered by the event organizer.