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  1. Invited speakers

    Invited speakers Bettina Ryll Richard D. Carvajal Invited Speakers Sponsors

  2. Add a meeting

    Add a meeting Fill out the form below to add an event to the Vision Community Calendar. Fill out my online form. //

  3. Press policy

    Press policy General information Press credentials are granted to individuals who are on assignment for, or employees of, a media outlet appropriate to the coverage of eye and vision research news. Members of the press credentialed to cover the ARVO Annual Meeting have access to ARVO's press room and receive complimentary meeting registration, either virtual or in-person. All requests for press credentials are subject to the approval and discretion of ARVO's Marketing & Communications Depart

  4. Congressional briefing

    A Congressional briefing in Washington, D.C. highlighted how vision research pays for itself

  5. USA Science and Engineering Festival

    Your future as an eye & vision researcher Welcome to the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)    How does the eye work? Grades K-4:         What are the parts of the eye?   How do your eyes work?   Why don't all animal eyes look the same?         Grades 5-8:         How do we see?   How does our visual system work?   What does it mean to be nearsighted or farsighted?         Grades 9-12:      

  6. Advocacy Events

    Annual ARVO Advocacy Day – Feb. 19, 2021 ARVO Advocacy Day, organized by the National Alliance for Eye and Vision Research (NAEVR), is an annual U.S.-based opportunity for students and established researchers to share their science with their representatives, describe how their work and careers depend on federal funding and invite policymakers to visit their labs. Due to the ongoing pandemic, advocates, including ARVO's Annual Meeting Planning Committee (AMPC) members,  Science Communication

  7. ARVO Abstract Citation Statement

    ARVO Abstract Citation Statement As of May 27, 2002 ARVO publications:   The ARVO Board of Trustees on May 4, 2002, approved the following abstract citation policy for its journals,  Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science and Journal of Vision, and Translational Vision Science and Technology. Effective with June 1, 2002 manuscript submissions, all citations to ARVO abstracts are to appear parenthetically within the text, not as bibliographic references, using the following format: (

  8. Housing and registration

    Housing and registration Housing information Make your ARVO International − Pacific Rim hotel reservation.  Attendees who stay in the official meeting hotels — Hilton Hawaiian Village and Ala Moana Hotel — receive complimentary internet access in their room and a reduced resort fee at the Hawaiian Village. A wide range of room types and rates are available to accommodate all budgets.  Registration information Registration includes Admission to the ARVO International Meeting's scientifi

  9. Members-in-Training

    Members-in-Training Membership in ARVO benefits the education and career development of Members-in-Training in a variety of ways. This includes targeted events and workshops at the Annual Meeting, opportunities for networking with colleagues, and information about funding and professional development.   ARVO’s Board of Trustees approved a new Professional Code of Conduct.  Each new and renewing member will be required to confirm that they have read and agree to follow this statement as a condi