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  1. Trending topics: Patient engagement

    Trending topics Patients: From consumers to partners Passenger. End user. Spectator. These are terms that many in biomedical research would use to describe the role patients play as a potential therapy winds its way along the development pipeline. Yet, a growing number of patients are no longer content to simply watch and wait as possible life-changing science happens without them.  “Other than providing funding, the patient community hasn’t traditionally been given the opportunity to intera

  2. NEI director's message

    NEI director’s message Updates, challenges, progress and the 50-year celebration Paul A. Sieving, MD, PhD, FARVO  NEI launched the Eyes of Infants with Zika (EIZ) study in June with the help of Brazilian investigators. As you may recall, in summer 2015 epidemiologists observed that Zika virus infection during pregnancy could result in babies with severe microcephaly. In response to this alarming news, NIH mounted a multi-Institute effort to follow a Zika-exposed cohort of pregnant women to s

  3. Spotlight on members: Spark

    Spotlight on members From hospital funding to FDA approval Spark Therapeutics develops gene therapy for inherited retinal blindness After over two decades of research and development in gene therapy, Katherine A. High, MD, co-founder, president and chief scientific officer of Spark Therapeutics, is breathing a big sigh of relief this fall. On Oct. 12, the Food and Drug Administration unanimously voted to approve voretigene neparvovec, Spark Therapeutics' gene therapy treatment for inherited b

  4. Spotlight on members: Beckman-Argyros awardee

    Spotlight on members Extending OCT from structure to function  Beckman-Argyros Award furthers research of James Fujimoto Scientists are all too aware of the gap between high risk, high impact ideas and the funding necessary to pursue them. Fortunately, so is the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation. Through its Beckman-Argyros Award in Vision Research, the Foundation funds potentially high-impact work that lacks the full suite of data necessary to secure government funding. Through this year’s

  5. Trending topics: March for Science

    Trending topics Science marches on across the globe Job descriptions for researchers haven’t changed too much over the decades. Successful scientists are those who are versed in current literature and techniques, have strong publication records and have proven their ability to solve complex problems. But events in the past several years suggest that researchers need to present a new facet to be successful — a willingness to stand up for science. This year on Earth Day, April 22, scientists ar

  6. Statement for the Use of Animals in Ophthalmic and Vision Research

    Statement for the Use of Animals in Ophthalmic and Vision Research Introduction Guidelines for the design of experiments Guidelines for the conduct of experiments Factors that relate specifically to the conduct of vision and ophthalmology experiments Investigators outside the United States Animal use guidelines Alternatives to animal research Animal use resources Organizations that promote proper and ethical use of laboratory animals Introduction Research in vision and ophthalmology i

  7. Congressional briefing

    A Congressional briefing in Washington, D.C. highlighted how vision research pays for itself

  8. Online Planner

    Online Planner View the entire ARVO meeting in one place. Here you can search and select sessions you're interested in and save them to your personal itinerary. The Agenda search feature will search session titles and descriptions. Use the Scientific Section and Track filters to narrow your search. Log in with your ARVO username and password to save sessions and abstracts to your schedule, notes and starred items list. This all synchronizes with the ARVO 2019 mobile app. Session d