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  1. 2018 Annual Meeting Session Recordings

    2018 Annual Meeting Session Recordings Below are categories of select recordings from the ARVO 2018 Annual Meeting, held April 28 - May 3 in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Stand strong for science: Stand for strong vision science Session recordings

  2. Interpreting the scientific literature webinar series

    Interpreting the scientific literature webinar series Interpreting the scientific literature webinar series ARVO and the American Academy of Ophthalmology have partnered to develop a three-part webinar series on how to interpret scientific literature and assess whether emerging science can be brought into the clinic. Each webinar is scheduled for 45-minutes and will begin at 5pm PT. Use the links below to register for each webinar.  Can’t make the live events? All webinars will be recorded an

  3. Workshops

    Annual Meeting 2018 Recorded Workshops Experimental design for optimal animal research in the age of the 'reproducibility crisis' Animal models play a vital role in ocular research. Data obtained using animal models provide vital pre-clinical evidence for the decision of whether to continue to clinical trials or not. In vivo experiments also are fundamental for determining the molecular basis of physiology and pathophysiology, especially in complex tissues like the eye. The importance of ap

  4. Award Lectures 2018

    Cogan Award Presentation and Lecture From Micro Imaging to Macro Functioning in Glaucoma by Felipe A. Medeiros, MD, PhD, professor of clinical ophthalmology and medical director of the Hamilton Glaucoma Center at the University of California, San Diego Shiley Eye Center   Technological advances have dramatically changed the glaucoma landscape. This lecture addresses some of the challenges in determining how these new technologies can result in meaningful improvements in patient outcomes, from

  5. Special Sessions

    2018 Annual Meeting Session Recordings: Special Sessions   Military Relevant Priorities and Strategies for Injury Diagnostics and Treatments The military recognizes that the diagnosis and treatment of combat ocular trauma injuries is a critical medical capability shortfall. Engagement with academic, industry, interagency, and other partners is vital to obtain the necessary diagnostics and treatments for this capability gap. Ocular injuries sustained during combat are often in austere enviro