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  1. Cross-sectional Groups

    Cross-sectional Groups ARVO Cross-sectional Groups were created in 2006 to meet the interdisciplinary scientific needs of ARVO members. Cross-sectional Groups give ARVO members the opportunity to network with colleagues from different but related areas of study, exchange information on topics of mutual interest and seek guidance on allied issues. Cross-sectional Group members are elected by their group colleagues to serve on the Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC) to select abstracts for a

  2. Scientific Sections/Cross-sectional Groups

    Scientific Sections Scientific Sections ARVO is organized into 13 Scientific Sections and 3 Cross-sectional Groups, which are described below. Members must select one section with which their research interests most closely identify. Each section is represented on the Board of Trustees and the Annual Meeting Program Committee. Anatomy and Pathology/Oncology (AP)   Anatomy Sub-section includes descriptive or experimental studies about the gross and surgical anatomy, ultrastructure, organizati