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  1. Paper Sessions

    Annual Meeting 2018 Session Recordings: Paper Sessions Anatomy and Pathology/Oncology New Perspectives in Human Myopia Research Basic Innovations in Oncology Clinical Innovations in Oncology Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of AMD Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Diabetic Retinopathy Gene Therapies Clinical/Epidemiologic Research Genetic Epidemiology Healthcare Delivery Nutrition and Eye Disease Cornea Dry Eye Clinical Corneal Neovascularization a

  2. Minisymposia

    Annual Meeting 2018 Session Recordings: Minisymposia   20/20 Visual acuity is not enough – again 20/20 visual acuity cannot characterize the complexity of human vision. The useful vision includes a wide array of sub-systems. All of these depend on optical and neural substrates that work in sometimes surprising ways, moreso with changes due to adaptation or to disease. All of the sub-systems interact, such as central and peripheral vision interacting. This seminar will discuss how the visual

  3. Symposia

    Annual Meeting Session Recordings: Symposia Proteostasis networks: Challenges and therapeutic opportunities for ocular diseases Proteostasis, or protein homeostasis, is a key achievement of cells that impact critically on virtually every aspect of cell physiology, functions and lifespan. The cellular machinery that underpins Proteostasis integrates complex, multi-layered regulatory networks affecting global protein synthesis, protein trafficking and processing, folding, aggregation and degr

  4. CME/CE

    Obtaining credits for attending ARVO's CME-certified activities.

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  6. CME

    Continuing Medical Education Program The deadline to claim credits for ARVO 2018 is 11:59pm U.S. Eastern Time on Friday, Aug. 31, 2018.  Please contact  with any questions.  CME session list and program information from ARVO 2018. View the full 2018 CME program information View the list of 2018 CME-certified sessions ARVO 2019 The list of CME sessions for ARVO 2019 will be ready in mid-March 2019. The CME program typically includes 100+ sessions with a maximum credit am

  7. MIN

    Members in the News Champalimaud MiN