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  1. Election FAQs

    Frequently asked questions regarding the ARVO elections

  2. Global Mentorship Program

    Global Mentorship Program The Global Mentorship Program supports and sustains the interest of junior researchers with a focus on professional development within the field and engaging in ARVO.   2019 Program Timeline The 2019 Global Mentorship Program application will open in late 2018. Notifications will be sent approximately three weeks following the application deadline. ARVO will match mentor/mentee interests to the best of our ability. Applicants not successfully paired will be forwa

  3. Women's Leadership Program

    Leadership Development Program The Leadership Development Program (LDP) provides emerging women leaders within the ARVO membership a highly interactive, year-long learning experience focused on leadership skill development and facilitating leadership opportunities and networking within ARVO.  2019-20 program timeline Application opens October 1, 2018 Application closes October 31, 2018 Applicants notified December, 2018 The program year is from April 2018 to May 2019. Who should apply

  4. Science Communication Fellowship

    Science Communication Training Fellowship Are you an ARVO Member-in-Training (MIT) that wants to improve your communication skills? Do you know an MIT with a knack for communicating their science? Are you an MIT who loves talking about vision research to whoever will listen? The ARVO Science Communication Training Fellowship (SciCommTF) trains MITs to become more effective communicators of vision research to all audiences. The one-year program will accept 20 MIT members -- 10 from the U.S. and

  5. CME/CE

    Obtaining credits for attending ARVO's CME-certified activities.

  6. Toolkit for Biomedical Researchers Using Laboratory Animals

    Toolkit for Biomedical Researchers Using Laboratory Animals   Download the full PDF   View by topic: Resources for responding to threats and attacks Protecting yourself against an attack Make sure your research complies with applicable national and local regulations Develop and maintain an animal use research project file Coordinate with your institution Establish security measures Preemptive security measures Use care in wording your research documents Become involved in supporti

  7. Publications Grant

    ARVO Publications Grant ARVO’s Publications Grant is available to authors who need funding assistance to publish in one of our three journals: Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science (IOVS); Journal of Vision (JOV); and Translational Vision Science & Technology (TVST). This grant is supported by the ARVO Foundation and aligns with ARVO’s goal to capture the full spectrum of vision science in our family of journals. Several individuals can be selected each year. The grant will provide no-c

  8. Media partners

    Media partners Practical Articles, Expert Interviews and the Latest News/Insights Peer-reviewed | Open-access | Concise | Multimedia View | Download | Subscribe for Free European Ophthalmic Review and US Ophthalmic Review specialize in the publication of balanced and comprehensive review articles written by leading authorities to address the most important developments in the field of ophthalmology. They are guided by an Editorial Board of world-renowned experts, led by Editors-in-Chief, El

  9. Privacy Statement

    Privacy Statement Use of Internet Protocol Addresses and Cookies ARVO collects the Internet Protocol (IP) address of all computers that access our website to measure website traffic. This information is not used to determine the identity of a particular Web user except in the case of illicit activity. Cookies, or small pieces of data stored on a user's computer by, are used for simplifying user login and aiding in navigation of the website. No personal information is stored