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  1. Science Communication Fellowship

    Science Communication Training Fellowship Applications for the 2019 Fellowship are now open. Are you an ARVO Member-in-Training (MIT) that wants to improve your communication skills? Do you know an MIT with a knack for communicating their science? Are you an MIT who loves talking about vision research to whoever will listen? The ARVO Science Communication Training Fellowship (SciCommTF) trains young scientists to become more effective communicators of vision research to all audiences. The one

  2. Toolkits

    Toolkits Organize an event at your institution or in your local community using the ARVO Outreach Toolkits. The real world impact of OCT This guide describes what optical coherence tomography is and provides facts and figures describing the health and economic benefits of OCT research. Download the impact of OCT toolkit    How to advocate for vision research on Capitol Hill This guide describes how to prepare for meeting your representatives on Capitol Hill. While the guide

  3. Roche Collaborative Research Fellowships

    Roche Collaborative Research Fellowships Roche Collaborative Research Fellowship This Fellowship is intended to promote international scientific interactions and innovative research. This fellowship pairs researchers from developing countries with established scientists to strengthen ophthalmic research capacities. It supports a one-year project, which can include additional training in specialty equipment or research methodologies. The fellowship was established in 2009 and is generously fund

  4. Policies

    Policies Anti-harassment Policy Abstract Unpublished Work Policy Abstract Withdrawal and Substitute Presenter Policy Advertising Policy    Ancillary Event Policy (Incorporating Satellite Symposia) ARVO Journals Uniform Policy Regarding Publication Ethics Statement on Diversity and Open Scientific Exchange   Clinical Trials    Collaborations Policy    Commercial Relationships Policy    Corporate Support Policy    Helsinki Declaration  Press Policy  Recording/Photography Policy   

  5. Statement on Cell and Gene Therapy Research

    Statement on Stem Cell Research Statement on Cell and Gene Therapy Research Cell therapy research Research on cell-based therapies offers new avenues for the development of therapeutic strategies for diseases in which damage to or loss of particular types of cells in the eye causes vision loss. The cells impaired or lost in these diseases often cannot be fixed or replaced, and many of these diseases are currently incurable. The development of therapies involving transplantation of stem cells

  6. Statement for the Use of Animals in Ophthalmic and Vision Research

    Statement for the Use of Animals in Ophthalmic and Vision Research Introduction Guidelines for the design of experiments Guidelines for the conduct of experiments Factors that relate specifically to the conduct of vision and ophthalmology experiments Investigators outside the United States Animal use guidelines Alternatives to animal research Animal use resources Organizations that promote proper and ethical use of laboratory animals Introduction Research in vision and ophthalmology i

  7. Press Policy for the ARVO Annual Meeting

    Press Policy for the ARVO Annual Meeting General information Press credentials are granted to individuals who are on assignment for, or employees of, a media outlet appropriate to the coverage of eye and vision research news. Members of the press credentialed to cover the ARVO Annual Meeting have access to ARVO's press room and receive complimentary meeting registration. All requests for press credentials are subject to the approval and discretion of Katrina Norfleet, Director of Communication

  8. Corporate Support Policy

    Corporate Support Policy The ARVO Corporate Support Policy is designed to develop or improve activities and programs for the eye and vision community which is consistent with ARVO’s stated mission and Strategic Plan. The goal is to obtain financial support from industry, individuals, and organizations for development of programs, products, and services supporting the eye and vision research community. Opportunities for corporate support include: ARVO Annual Meeting and other ARVO sponsored or

  9. Helsinki Declaration

    World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Adopted by the 18th WMA General Assembly, Helsinki, Finland, June 1964, and amended by the: 29th WMA General Assembly, Tokyo, Japan, October 1975 35th WMA General Assembly, Venice, Italy, October 1983 41st WMA General Assembly, Hong Kong, September 1989 48th WMA General Assembly, Somerset West, Republic of South Africa, October 1996 52nd WMA General Assembly, Edinburgh, Scotland

  10. Commercial Relationships Policy

    Commercial Relationships Policy This ARVO Commercial Relationships Policy ("Policy") is for the purpose of disclosure and identification of potentially relevant conflicts of interest (COI). It applies to ARVO journal authors and anyone in a position to influence the content of an ARVO educational activity. The Policy is intended to clarify and simplify the reporting procedures with respect to financial interests of authors and educational activity planners, directors, presenters, and moderators