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  1. Breakfast with an Expert

    Breakfast with an Expert Wednesday, May 2, 2018 6:45 - 8:15am Hawaii Convention Center, Room 313BC Table A Van Lansingh, MD, PhD Medical Officer for Latin America Help Me See Residency Training Director Mexican Institute of Ophthalmology How to Start your International Career and Contacts Professor Lansingh has worked in Latin America, North America, South East Asia, and the Pacific. He obtained his MD in 1987 from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico City, Mexico, with res

  2. Minisymposia

    Minisymposia Molecular and cellular insights into lens and cornea regeneration - LE Contributing Sections: CO Organizers: Jeff Gross, Kevin Schey, Salil Lachke Speakers: Ales Cvekl, Jon Henry, Kang Zhang, Qiuli Fu, Shukti Chakravarti and Kohji Nishida Regeneration is an exciting area of research for lens and cornea with new discoveries arising at a staggering pace. This mini will explore novel discoveries in lens and cornea regeneration, focusing on the molecular and cellular mechanisms unde

  3. Symposia

    Symposia Sunday, April 29, 8:15-10:15am Proteostasis networks: Challenges and therapeutic opportunities for ocular diseases Organizers: Luminita I. Paraoan, Marina Gorbatyuk and Astra Dinculescu Speakers: William E. Balch, Deborah A. Ferrington, Mike Cheetham, David N. Zachs and Raquel L. Lieberman Proteostasis, or protein homeostasis, is a key achievement of cells that impact critically on virtually every aspect of cell physiology, functions and lifespan. The cellular machinery that underp

  4. Abstracts

    Abstracts Call for abstracts Abstract submissions are now closed. The Imaging in the Eye Program Committee seeks high-quality abstracts describing original, unpublished research results that contain a clear statement of hypothesis, an explanation of methods, a report of data that unequivocally test the hypothesis, and a brief discussion of their implications. Abstracts submitted for the 2018 ARVO Annual Meeting may not be submitted for the 2018 Imaging in the Eye Conference. Abstracts must

  5. International travel

    International travel If you are not a U.S. citizen and require a visa for travel to the ARVO Annual Meeting, ARVO strongly encourages you to request a letter of invitation as soon as possible. Visit the U.S. Department of State Visas webpage for further details. Members may print a personalized letter (we have provided fields at the bottom of the letter for you to complete after printing) or request an invitation letter by sending an email to: Include your full name and the ad

  6. Future Annual Meetings

    Future Annual Meetings   Year      Date      Location      Visitor information      2019   April 28 - May 2   Vancouver, Canada   What to do in Vancouver   2020   May 3 - 7     Baltimore, Md.   Visit  Baltimore      2021   May 2 - 6     San Francisco, Calif.   San Francisco Travel        2022   May 1 - 5   Denver, Colo.   Visit Denver   2023   April 23 - 27    New Orleans, Louisiana   Visit New Orleans   2024   May 5 - 9   Seattle, Wash.   Visit Seat

  7. Social events

    Social events Join us throughout the week at social events for networking and enjoying downtime with your colleagues. Please note: Unless otherwise noted, all the social events listed below are at the Hawaii Convention Center.     Saturday, April 28, 2018 ARVO Foundation and Dowling Society Gala at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach 6:15pm Hilton Hawaiian Village Great Lawn (outdoors) 2005 Kalia Road The Saturday evening before the Annual Meeting, the ARVO Foundation hosts a dinne