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  1. Mexico

    Mexican Chapter Affiliate    Colegio Nacional de Investigación en Ciencias Visuales (MARVO) Background MARVO is an independent organization of ophthalmologists and vision researchers in Mexico. Its members focus on clinical and basic research, as well as clinical epidemiology. MARVO held its first ophthalmic research conference in 2011. MARVO became an international chapter affiliate on May 1, 2010. Mission To promote collaboration between Mexican ophthalmologists interested in basic, c

  2. SE Europe

    South-East European Chapter Affiliate   South-East European Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (SEE-ARVO)  Background SEE-ARVO was established in August, 2009, as a sub-group of ophthalmic and vision researchers of the South-East European Ophthalmological Society (SEEOS). SEE-ARVO is a regional chapter consisting of members from 18 countries, including Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro,

  3. Organizers responsibilities

    Organizer's responsibilities It is the responsibility of the organizer to work with the assigned hotel or convention center to finalize arrangements, i.e., place orders and arrange for direct billing. IMPORTANT: It is the organizer's responsibility to confirm that all attendees of their ancillary event have registered for the ARVO 2019 Annual Meeting. Signage will not be provided by ARVO. An easel can be placed outside the room for your signage upon request. Any changes to your event mus

  4. Event dates and times

    Event dates and times Regardless of location and content, ancillary events of more than 15 attendees may not conflict with the ARVO Annual Meeting scientific program. Regardless of content, all events must conform to the ARVO Ancillary Events Policy and be approved by ARVO before scheduling. Saturday: Event start and end times depend on whether the event contains scientific content. The only exception is that Business Meetings, as defined above, may be scheduled concurrently with the ARVO

  5. Advertising, room set up and signage

    Advertising, room set up and signage Advertising events If you would like to advertise your event prior to or onsite at the Annual Meeting there are multiple options*: Arrange a mailing to ARVO's members - contact for details Purchase an online ad or printed ad. Please contact Cricket Von Steiger with NTP for details and pricing. *ARVO will not provide complimentary marketing or advertising in any materials or on their website Room set up & signage Please include y

  6. Ancillary event guidelines

    Ancillary event guidelines Requesting space for an ancillary event Read the ARVO Policy on Ancillary Events. Ancillary events are scheduled at ARVO's discretion and all events are subject to the rules and regulations as set forth in the policy. There are no exceptions. In 2019, non-exhibiting commercial entities will need to support the ARVO Annual Meeting at a value of at least $2,850*, the cost of a 10x10 commercial inside booth. Any payment made in this regard is a fee for goods and

  7. Billing and payment

    Billing and payment The organizer is responsible for payment of all ancillary event-related costs, including function space rental (if applicable), food and beverage charges (per the signed BEO), audiovisual and/or computer equipment and any special set-up requirements, such as electrical, sound, internet, telephone, etc. The organizer is responsible for confirming that all attendees of their ancillary event are registered for the ARVO 2019 Annual Meeting Organizers should review the bill

  8. India

    Indian Chapter Affiliate Indian Eye Research Group (ARVO-India) Background First established in 1992 as the Indian Eye Research Group, ARVO-India has over 200 members and holds an annual meeting each July. The annual meeting is a platform for exchange of ideas among eye researchers in India and brings together those involved in different areas of basic and clinical eye research. ARVO-India became an international chapter affiliate in April 2011. Mission To promote and facilitate eye re