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  1. Advertising, room set up and signage

    Advertising, room set up and signage Advertising events If you would like to advertise your event prior to or onsite at the Annual Meeting there are multiple options*: Arrange a mailing to ARVO's members - contact for details Purchase an online ad or printed ad. Please contact Christine Von Steiger with NTP for details and pricing. *ARVO will not provide complimentary marketing or advertising in any materials or on their website Room set up & signage Please include

  2. Billing and payment

    Billing and payment The organizer is responsible for payment of all ancillary event-related costs, including function space rental (if applicable), food and beverage charges (per the signed BEO), audiovisual and/or computer equipment and any special set-up requirements, such as electrical, sound, internet, telephone, etc. The organizer is responsible for confirming that all attendees of their ancillary event are registered for the ARVO 2020 Annual Meeting Organizers should review the bill

  3. Online press kit

    Online press kit Full 2019 Emerging Trends and Hot Topic list Emerging Tends and Hot Topics with layman explanations Sunday, April 28  Monday, April 29 Tuesday, April 30 Wednesday, May 1 Thursday, May 2  Annual Meeting press releases New Conference press release ARVO Fact Sheet 2018 Press Policies Onsite Press Information

  4. For journalists

    For journalists Press credentials are granted to individuals who are on assignment for or employees of a media outlet appropriate to cover the eye and vision research news. Members of the press credentialed to cover the ARVO 2019 Annual Meeting have access to ARVO's press room and receive complimentary meeting registration. Complete your press application ARVO expects that after the Annual Meeting press attendees will provide the association with links or hard copies of their coverage of ARV

  5. Communicating about abstracts

    Communicating about abstracts ARVO holds copyright on all abstracts accepted for presentation at the ARVO Annual Meeting. We encourage the promotion of research presented at our Annual Meeting as long as it conforms to the following guidelines. Embargo policy: Press releases or stories on information presented at the ARVO Annual Meeting may not be released or published until the conclusion of the presentation. The only exception to this is if an author has submitted the abstract to a journ

  6. Meeting justification

    Why should you attend ARVO 2019? Justification Suggestions Attending the 2019 ARVO Annual Meeting will be the most cost-effective professional development and learning experience choice you make all year. The volume of new research, idea-sharing and networking that takes place over five days is unmatched in any other setting. Tips for getting support to attend the ARVO Annual Meeting Explain in specific terms what you will gain or obtain by attending, and how that will benefit your wo

  7. Section/Session PDFs 2017

    AP - Anatomy and Pathology.Oncology BI - Biochemistry.Molecular Biology CL - Clinical.Epidemiologic Research CO - Cornea EY - Eye Movements.Strabismus.Amblyopia.Neuro-Ophthalmology GEN - Genetics Cross-Sectional Group GL - Glaucoma IM - Immunology.Microbiology LE - Lens LV - Low Vision Cross-Sectional Group MOI - Multidisciplinary Ophthalmic Imaging Cross-Sectional Group NO ORGANIZING SECTION - Symposia PH – Physiology.Pharmacology RC - Retinal Cell Biology RE - Retina VI - Visual Psychophys