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  1. Organizers

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    Invited speakers Bettina Ryll Richard D. Carvajal Invited Speakers Registration Sponsors

  3. Finance Committee

    Finance Committee Finance Committee Committee Description The role of the Finance Committee (FC) is to provide financial oversight for ARVO. Committee Activities Reviews financial reports, and the annual financial audit. Reviews the annual budget prepared by the Executive Vice President and Executive Director.  Reviews staff compensation structure and benefits offerings. Reviews and evaluates the dues pricing structure and other income-producing activities for the purpose of financing b

  4. AMPC Candidates

    All candidate bios and nomination statements are available on the official ballots

  5. Organizers

    Organizers Meeting Organizers Champalimaud Foundation Scientific Program Liaison Guests of Honor

  6. Board of Trustees

    Board of Trustees The Board of Trustees is comprised of elected members from ARVO's 13 Scientific Sections along with elected and trustee-appointed officers. The president and vice president(s) are elected from within the Board each year. The executive vice president is elected by the general membership to a five-year term and is a voting member of the Board of Trustees. The ARVO executive director serves as an ex officio member of the Board. For more information on Board of Trustee duties,

  7. Continuing Medical Education Committee

    Continuing Medical Education Committee Continuing Medical Education Committee Description The Continuing Medical Education Committee (CME) is advisory in nature and serves to ensure that ARVO’s continuing medical education program meets or exceeds the Essential Areas and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and the American Medical Association’s rules for their Physician’s Recognition Award (AMA PRA). Activities Reviews and recommends policies for

  8. Awards Committee

    Awards Committee Awards Committee Description The Awards Committee (AWD) solicits and reviews nominations annually for ARVO awards. Activities Reviews and ranks nominations. Evaluates the awards program to ensure that new trends in the field are addressed. Chair reports to the Board of Trustees on the Committee's recommendations of top candidates for the awards at one of the two board meetings held during the ARVO Annual Meeting. Composition AWD consists of one member from each Scient

  9. International Chapter Affiliate Committee

    International Chapter Affiliate Committee International Chapter Affiliate Committee Description The International Chapter Affiliate Committee (ICAC) recommends policies for establishing new international chapter affiliates as well as strategies for building research collaborations; developing and promoting educational programming with international chapter affiliates; and responding to the interest and needs of eye and vision researchers around the world. Composition The consists of one re