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  1. Organizers

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  3. Advocacy and Outreach

    Advocacy and Outreach Committee Advocacy and Outreach Committee Description Under the direction of the Board of Trustees, the Advocacy and Outreach Committee (AOC) develops and implements activities that influence research policy and funding decisions globally; increases members’ interest and ability to educate the public and policymakers about the importance of vision research; increases public awareness of ARVO and vision research; and establishes ARVO as a trusted source of information. I

  4. Commercial Relationships Committee

    Commercial Relationships Committee Commercial Relationships Committee Description The Commercial Relationships Committee (CRC) monitors the status of commercial relationships of ARVO members who contribute to the Annual Meeting and publications. Activities Reviews ARVO's Commercial Relationships Policy and recommends changes. Monitors the use of the codes in abstracts accepted by ARVO and in articles accepted by IOVS. Sponsors Annual Meeting workshops and develops informational materials

  5. Finance Committee

    Finance Committee Finance Committee Committee Description The role of the Finance Committee (FC) is to provide financial oversight for ARVO. Committee Activities Reviews financial reports, and the annual financial audit. Reviews the annual budget prepared by the Executive Vice President and Executive Director.  Reviews staff compensation structure and benefits offerings. Reviews and evaluates the dues pricing structure and other income-producing activities for the purpose of financing b

  6. Global Members Committee

    Global Members Committee Global Members Committee Description The Global Members Committee assesses the needs of non-U.S. based members and recommends ways to increase participation in ARVO to the ARVO Board of Trustees. Activities Collects and interprets statistical information relating to the involvement of non-U.S. based members in ARVO. Encourages non-U.S. based members to more fully participate in the governance and programs of the Association. Sponsors Annual Meeting workshops on r

  7. AMPC Candidates

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  8. Publications Committee

    Publications Committee Publications Committee Description The Publications Committee (PUBS) provides guidance to ensure the optimal positioning of the Association's journals and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees as appropriate. The Committee also provides scholarly publishing resources for ARVO members and assists the Board ofTrustees with related policy decisions. Activities Identifies and addresses topics necessary to stay current with scholarly publishing. Reviews the per