Artificial intelligence in ocular medicine: Seeing into the future

ARVO Online Education event
June 13 - July 1

ARVOLearnIn April 2018, the FDA approved the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled device to detect “more than mild diabetic retinopathy.” Globally, additional AI devices have been approved for use in ophthalmic clinics and more are in development. Despite these advances, many clinicians and researchers are unaware of how the technology works, what technology has been approved for clinical use or is in the development pipeline and how to integrate these potential technologies into their research or clinical practice. Researchers face many challenges when developing these algorithms and moving the resulting products from the lab to the clinic.

This event will address these topics and other approaches and uses for AI in ocular medicine through an online educational event that will include a series of live and recorded presentations and panel discussions, an AI technology video showcase and discussion forums.

  • Experience live and/or recorded panel discussions. Topics include current and potential uses of AI in ophthalmic care, common challenges associated with developing AI algorithms and moving AI technology from the lab to the clinic.
  • Discover current and emerging uses of AI. The AI technology showcase includes short video presentations describing products approved for use and those in-development.
  • Learn at your own pace. Select from a series of recorded presentations given by key leaders in this field on everything from what is AI, what can it do, how is it developed, and more.
  • Interact with your colleagues. Discussion forums enable you to ask questions and learn from your colleagues.
Who should attend?
  • Ophthalmologists, optometrists and others involved with clinical care who are interested in learning more about how AI works and the current and potential opportunities to integrate AI into their practice.
  • Researchers seeking to overcome the challenges of AI algorithm development and deployment.
How do I attend?

Attendance will be entirely online. Log in in at your convenience between June 13 - July 1. If you cannot attend a live session, the recording will be posted within 48 hours. It is recommended that you view the content on a computer or tablet for the best experience.

Registration fees

Registration includes access to all live and recorded webinar sessions, technology showcase videos, recorded presentations and discussion forums for the duration of the event. The registration deadline is June 11, 2019 at 5pm EDT. 

  • Members-in-Training: $79
  • Members: $129
  • Nonmembers: $179

Attendees of the Artificial intelligence – from benchtop to bedside Education Course scheduled in conjunction with ARVO 2019 are eligible for 40% off their registation for this online event. Please contact with any questions. 

Event Schedule

More information will be provided on the exact time of each live session as it becomes available.

  • June 13: Opening live session, discussion forums open, AI Technology Showcase opens, all recorded content available to attendees
  • June 19: AI for use in ophthalmic clinical care panel discussion: Live webinar session
  • June 20: Developing AI algorithms for ophthalmic care and research: Overcoming the challenges: Live webinar session
  • June 25: Moving your AI technology from the lab to the clinic: Lessons learned: Live webinar session
  • June 27: Event summary and next steps session: Live webinar session
  • July 1: Access to content ends, discussion forums close, event messaging ends
Event planning committee
  • Committee Chair: Rajat N Agrawal, MD, MS, CEO Retinal Global
  • Siamak Yousefi, PhD, director of the Data Mining and Machine Learning (DM2L) Laboratory, University of Tennessee Health Science Center
  • Michael David Abramoff, MD, PhD, FARVO, Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, ID
  • Michael F Chiang, MD, Ophthalmology and Medical Informatics, Oregon Health & Science University 
  • Susan C Orr, OD, Chief Executive Officer, Notal Vision
  • Arthur H Shedden, Jr., MBA, MD, Senior Safety Officer, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.
  • Daniel SW Ting, MD, PhD, Singapore National Eye Centre