Online Conferences: FAQs

What is an online conference?
An online conference is very similar to a traditional conference. You will hear from and interact with thought leaders in the field, attend educational sessions and network with other attendees. The difference is that everything is presented online and accessible when your schedule permits.

What is included in an online conference?

  • Live online presentations (webinars) from key leaders in the field – learn from the experts
  • Pre-recorded presentations – short, concise and available on demand
  • Live online discussion sessions – chat with your peers and get answers to your questions
  • On demand access to recordings of all live sessions – you won't miss anything
  • Handouts and resource documents – continue your learning after the conference

How do I access the content for the online conference?
Registration is required. Live online sessions will use the GoTo Webinar platform. Links to access the sessions will be provided via email and within ARVOLearn. All recorded content will be placed in ARVOLearn.

What hardware/software do I need to attend an online conference?
Online conference sessions are best viewed on a computer, laptop or tablet with a hard-wired internet connection and the latest version of Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. A strong WIFI connection can also be used. Mobile phones will be able to access the content, but the smaller screen size makes them not ideal.

Where do I go for help during an online conference?
Support contact details will be provided with each online conference registration. General questions should be submitted to