Month of ARVO

Mark your calendars...May has become the Month of ARVO! Take advantage of this array of opportunities to learn about new eye and vision science, state-of-the-art imaging advances and how to turn novel ideas into medical products.

Each virtual event will be hosted via Pathable

May 1 - 7: Annual Meeting

ARVO 2021 logoInnovation and advanced technologies have fostered significant discoveries in eye and vision research in the last decade rivaling those in any discipline. The 2021 ARVO Annual Meeting will feature the next revolution of clinically translating these discoveries to restore and preserve vision.

This year, participants will have more opportunity to attend sessions during the 7-day virtual event, with scheduling convenient to many time zones around the world. Attendees will also have access to the ARVO 2021 virtual platform until June 30, providing more time to review sessions at your convenience.

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May 13 - 14: Imaging in the Eye Conference

Imaging logoThe Imaging Conference is a must attend for scientists, clinicians and junior researchers interested in new techniques and methods for imaging in the eye and their applications to clinical ophthalmology, fundamental vision research and biomedicine. Conference topics include:

    • RetinaOCT angiography (OCTA) 
    • GlaucomaScanning laser ophthalmoscopy 
    • Cornea and anterior segmentMicroscopy 
    • Small animal imagingFunctional imaging, Doppler imaging 
    • Advanced retinal imaging methodsUltrasound and MR imaging 
    • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)Image processing 
    • Adaptive optics (AO)Pattern recognition and deep learning
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May 20 - 21: Bench to Bedside Meeting

B2B logoARVO's Bench to Bedside (B2B) Meeting is for anyone with a great idea. Geared toward the pipeline's early stage, this is a unique event to educate vision scientists on how to advance translational ideas and laboratory discoveries into marketable, clinically applied products, drugs and remedies that treat visual disorders. Attendees will have opportunities to:

    • interact with venture capitalists
    • pitch ideas to B2B experts for feedback
    • learn how to obtain funding for clinical trials
    • receive guidance on technology transfer, patents and regulatory concerns
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