Opening Keynote, Bettina Ryll, MD, PhD

Ryll holds a medical degree from the Free University of Berlin, Germany and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from University College London, UK. After losing her husband to melanoma, she founded the Melanoma Patient Network Europe and developed a special interest in patient-centric clinical research, in particular, innovative trial designs and novel drug development concepts, such as MAPPS (medicines' adaptive pathways to patients), previously known as Adaptive Licensing. Lately, her focus has moved to sustainable healthcare models ensuring access to innovative therapies for cancer patients and incentives for sustainable innovation. Ryll is involved in numerous initiatives promoting evidence-based advocacy. She is fascinated by the enormous potential and capacity of patient networks to both educate and support patients as well as to capture data at the primary data source - the patients themselves - and to generate evidence at a granular level non-accessible to outsiders.

Closing Keynote, Richard D. Carvajal, MD

As the director of experimental therapeutics and director of the melanoma service at Columbia University Medical Center, Carvajal is focused on the development of novel therapies for patients with melanoma and other cancers, with the overall objective of controlling and curing these diseases. Carvajal's melanoma research has included the study and treatment of uncommon clinical and molecular subsets of melanoma, such as melanomas arising from the eye (uveal melanomas), from the mucosal surfaces of the body (mucosal melanomas), and from the palms of the hands, soles of the feet or under the fingernails (acral melanomas). In addition to Carvajal's work at Columbia University Medical Center, he serves as the co-chair of the International Rare Cancer Initiative Uveal Melanoma working group, a joint initiative between the National Cancer Institute, the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer and the Cancer Research UK to enhance international collaboration in the conduct of clinical trials for uveal melanoma.

Invited Speakers


Fatima Cardoso, MD

Champalimaud Foundation


Carlos Carvalho, MD

Champalimaud Foundation


Sarah Coupland, MBBS, PhD, FRCPath, FARVO, FRSB

Department of Molecular & Clinical Cancer
University of Liverpool


Laurence Desjardins, MD

Department of Oncology Ophthalmology
Institut Curie


Jasmine Francis, MD

Ophthalmic Oncology Service
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


Brenda Gallie, MD, FRCSC

Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences
University of Toronto


Dan Gombos, MD, FACS

University of Texas
MD Anderson Cancer Center


Hans Grossniklaus, MD, MBA

Emory Eye Center
Emory University School of Medicine


Steffen Heegaard, MD

Departments of Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Pathology
University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Martine Jager, MD, PhD, FARVO

Leiden University Medical Center
Leiden, Netherlands


Swathi Kaliki, MD

The Operation Eyesight Universal Institute for Eye Cancer
L V Prasad Eye Institute


Bruce Ksander, PhD

Schepens Eye Research Institute
Harvard Medical School


Markus Maeurer, MD, PhD, FRCP

Champalimaud Foundation


Eduardo Moreno, PhD

Champalimaud Foundation


Rubens Belfort Neto, MD, PhD

Ocular Oncology Center
Federal University of Sao Paulo


Jose Pulido, MD

Departments of Ophthalmology and Molecular Medicine
Mayo Clinic


Arun Singh, MD, FARVO

Department of Ophthalmic Oncology
Cleveland Clinic


Junyang Zhao, MD

Department of Ophthalmology
Beijing Children's Hospital