Apr 29 - May 03, 2018

ARVO 2018 Annual Meeting

8 Days
19 Hours
40 Mins
Honolulu offers endless activities from historical sites, world class beaches, local food, art, and hikes
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Stand strong for science: Stand for strong vision science

In a rapidly changing world, eye and vision researchers are emerging from the lab and the clinic to engage the public, patients and policymakers regarding the sight-saving work that we do and the benefits it brings to our societies. Our passion for our work and commitment to evidence-based science and medicine empower these conversations as they occur around the world. Engage with your colleagues as we work to advance our science and expand its support within our communities and governments.

Things to do in Honolulu

The capital of Hawaii, this is the picture perfect destination for warmth and diversity in culture. Honolulu is the home of big wave surfing and offers a range of other beach and water activities. Bring your family and enjoy your stay visiting art and historical attractions and trying the local Hawaiian cuisine.

ARVO/Alcon Keynote Series

You won't want to miss the two keynote speakers: Jennifer Doudna, PhD - CRISPR-Cas Gene Editing: Biology, Technology and Ethics, on Monday, April 30 and Shoukhrat Mitalipov, PhD - Principles of gene repair in human embryos, on Thursday, May 3

Future Meetings

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