Virtual Poster Hall

All posters will be presented in a virtual format for 2021. ARVO is developing an online platform where posters will be uploaded by presenters and viewed by meeting attendees. We invite you to view this video for a walk through of the basic system capabilities.

While the final details of our virtual poster hall are in development, here are some answers to questions you may have:

Q: How does a virtual poster hall work?
A: Every author of an accepted poster will upload an electronic poster and, if you wish, a short video presenting your research. Virtual attendees will be able to view your poster and chat with you about your results through our online platform.

Q: How will people find my poster?
A: The Annual Meeting Program Committee will still be programming sessions to group similar posters. Attendees can browse by session or scientific section. Additionally, the search functions allow attendees to search by title, author, or key words within the abstract.

Q: How do I interact with people that view my poster?
A: Attendees can chat with you online or post questions for you to answer later. In fact, you may find that more attendees have time to see your poster throughout the week of ARVO.

Q: How will I submit my poster? Is there a required format?
A: All authors will receive access to the online system to upload your poster and, if you wish, a video presentation of your results. You do not need to use any special program to produce your poster.

Q: Am I required to submit my poster to the online platform?
A: Yes. ARVO's 2021 Meeting is virtual and so all poster presenters are required to upload their files in ARVO's online platform.

Q: Do I still have a presentation time?
A: Each poster author is assigned a presentation time. However, if you cannot be available at that time, attendees can submit questions for you to answer later or message you within the site to schedule a meeting.

Q: Do I still need to register for the meeting?
A: As always, all first authors of accepted abstracts need to register for the meeting.