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ARVOLearnAre you seeking opportunities to learn or grow professionally? Do you have specific eye and vision science topics that you want to explore more deeply?

Introducing ARVOLearn — the online learning system from ARVO.

ARVOLearn combines the latest advances in online learning with the expertise and knowledge of the world’s largest eye and vision research organization. Whether you want session presentations from recent ARVO meetings, an on-demand course or a series of modules or mini modules that you can view at your convenience, ARVOLearn can help you expand your knowledge and grow your career.

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Upcoming events
Bench to Bedside (B2B) webinar series

Cost: Free for members, $15 nonmembers

Join us for this three-part educational series that tackles the following need-to-know topics for eye and vision science innovators:

  • Sept. 16 (access on demand) - Raising Funds and Working as a Virtual Company
  • Oct. 21 (2 - 3pm EDT) - Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer
  • Nov. 18 (2 - 3pm EDT) - Regulatory Considerations

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On-demand webinars
Behind the success: Best practices for building a Team Science research project

Access this virtual conference to hear how your colleagues have designed and executed large collaborative basic and clinical research projects. Attendees will learn about managing large collaborative teams, gain insights from long-standing and successful global collaborations, explore large multicenter clinical research and trials, plus much more. (MIT $55, Members $89, Nonmembers $129)

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Eyes on the prize - Funding resources for the international community

Cost: Free

Numerous funding resources are available for international vision research projects, yet there are various challenges to finding out about these resources and successfully obtaining funding. Presenters in this workshop, hosted by the Global Members Committee, will discuss various international funding opportunities, the role of the foreign component in a successfully funded NIH grant, potential administrative issues and managing projects across different physical and cultural perspectives.

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An Inside Look at NEI - An ARVO and NAEVR Collaborative Webinar

Cost: Free

Join ARVO President Stephen Pflugfelder, MD, FARVO and NAEVR Executive Director James Jorkasky as they host guest speaker Michael A. Steinmetz, PhD, director of Extramural Science Programs at the National Eye Institute (NEI). He will share information on NEI's application review process, budgets and funding policies as well as special initiatives, including trans-NIH and trans-agency activities.

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Working with an Institutional Review Board (IRB): Practical advice for success

Cost: Free

This webinar is presented as part of the ongoing partnership between ARVO and the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

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Webinar: Artificial Intelligence in Ophthalmology - Ethics in Clinical Research and Patient Care

Cost: Free

Join Susan Vitale, MHS, PhD, FARVO and Daniela Ferrara, MD, MSc, PhD from our Ethics and Regulations in Human Research Committee (ERHR) as they host Michael David Abramoff, MD, PhD, FARVO, J. Jill Hopkins, MD, FRCS, June Lee, MD, PhD and Ariella Kelman, MD, for a discussion of ethical concerns related to the use of AI-enabled devices in clinical research and patient care. You will hear about Autonomous AI: From ethical rules to real-world use, AI in drug development and patient care and Autonomous ophthalmic therapeutics. 

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On-demand courses

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Patient Data - Recognition, evaluation, incorporation and practice
Patient and public involvement (PPI) can be viewed as a means of increasing the impact, quality, and relevance of research studies. In what can often be a departure from conventional approaches, PPI describes research that is carried out ‘with’ or ‘by’ people living with sight loss rather than ‘to’, ‘about’ or ‘for’ them. This course provides practical guidance on why and how people living with sight loss can have a role in the development and execution of benchtop and clinical research studies. There will be a discussion of how patients and their caregivers can bring stakeholders together to address gaps in research, and the unique roles patients can play in prioritizing a research agenda – before and during clinical development. (MIT $49, Members $79, Nonmembers $109)

Artificial Intelligence – from benchtop to bedside
18 presentation recordings from the 2019 Education Course, 23 videos showcasing AI technologies and five recored panel discussion webinars. (Members-in-Training (MIT), $59, Members $99, Nonmembers $139)

Applying electrophysiological techniques to translational vision research 
Select recordings from the 2019 Education Course. (MIT $49, Members $79,  Nonmembers $109)

Diabetic retinopathy: What’s new
Select recordings from the 2019 Education Course. (MIT $49, Members $79, Nonmembers $109)

Ocular immunology: Fundamentals, disease entities, and future therapeutic opportunities
Select recordings from the 2019 Education Course. (MIT $49, Members $79, Nonmembers $109)

Statistical methods for correlated eye data
All recordings from the 2019 Education Course. (MIT $49, Members $79, Nonmembers $109)