Virtual Exhibitor FAQ



Exhibit hours and time zones

What are the virtual exhibit hours?
Suggested Core exhibit hours*:

  • US: 9am-3pm U.S. EDT.
    *Please adjust to times that make the most sense for your time zone, business and any attendees you wish to engage with.

When will attendees be online and when should exhibitors be online in the meeting platform?
The Annual Meeting has scheduled activities from approximately 7am – 8:30pm U.S. EDT each day May 1 - 7, 2021. View the Schedule-at-a-glance.

You are free to staff your booth and access the platform at any time 24 hours a day.

Several times throughout the daily meeting schedule include live question and answer (Q&A) panels and live text chat. One such time is during the All Posters time in each day. All Poster are unopposed by any other content and include live interaction between poster authors and attendees in the form of live text chat. We expect All Poster times to be a busy time on the platform.


Access to the meeting platform

What meeting software platform is ARVO using for the 2021 Annual Meeting?

Will I have access to the entire meeting platform?
Yes, exhibitors have access to the entire meeting platform, similar to attendees.

How do I register my booth staff for the meeting?
The main contact listed on each exhibitor contract will receive an email with instructions on how to register their booth staff. 

When can I enter the platform and start building my booth? When do booths need to be completed?
Exhibitors will receive access to the platform on April 1. Deadline for booth setup is May 1 (the first day of the meeting). Changes to your booth may be made until May 7.


Interaction with attendees

How can I interact with attendees?
There are several ways to interact with attendees within your exhibit booth page and throughout the entire meeting.

  • “Talk Now” — a live real-time one-on-one Zoom video call in Pathable between an attendee and an exhibit staff representative. Talk Now is a special feature only available in an exhibit booth.
    • Attendees click the Talk-Now button in the booth and a private zoom call request will launch to an available exhibit staff.
    • Exhibit staff can turn on or off their ability to be available for Talk Now. A green checkmark will appear next to booth staff’s name and photo when they are available for Talk Now.
    • Talk Now will be functional 24 hours a day to accommodate all exhibitors and attendees from around the world.
    • Exhibitors should only mark they are avaiable for Talk Now during the hours they are online.

  • Private meetings — similar to “Talk Now” because they are one-on-one video Zoom chat, however they can be scheduled at different times during the event.
    • Private meetings are available to all meeting attendees, speakers and exhibitors 24 hours a day.
    • This feature will be available starting two weeks ahead of the meeting, so that attendees may ask to schedule meetings with you in advance.
    • Private meetings can only be scheduled during meeting dates (May 1 – 7).
    • You will receive an email to your personal email inbox (and Pathable inbox) and can choose to accept or decline the meeting.

  • Discussion Forum — There is a live public discussion forum in each booth for attendees to leave questions that exhibit staff can answer at any time. This is public and viewable by everyone who enters the booth.

  • Leads — As exhibit staff, you will receive a list of everyone who enters your booth. There is also the ability for attendees to “Leave their Card” which is their way to ask to set up more time to connect with you. You can review these attendees credentials and follow up with them at your leisure.

What if I miss a "Talk Now" call from an attendee?

When the Talk Now call is initiated, if no exhibitor answers after a specific time (90 seconds) the system will automatically switch to a different booth staff member. If no one answers after the total time (270 seconds), the system will end the call and prompt the attendee to either leave a written message or schedule a meeting. The attendee is able to hang up the call manually at any time.

  • If the attendee elects to send a message, the message will be included in the exhibitors leads report in the same fashion that would occur if the attendee was to click "Leave your card." As this is a message to an organization and not a person, the staff members will not be immediately notified, but they will see the lead details in their analytics and metrics reports informing them when the attendee called and the message they left.
  • If the attendee elects to schedule a private meeting, they will be taken to the private meeting scheduler to book a time with a random booth member. That specific booth staff member will receive a notification of the meeting invite immediately.
  • If the attendee elects to do nothing, their information will be included in the leads information informing the exhibitor of when they attempted to call.

What if I do not want to use any discussion forum or Zoom "Talk Now" features in my booth?
While we cannot remove the discussion forum or Zoom Talk Now features from your booth, you can choose not to use them. 

We suggest writing a first comment into the discussion forum stating that you will not be monitoring or responding to threads in the discussion forum. Also all booth staff can toggle "Off" their ability to be avaiable for Talk Now. In doing so, Talk Now calls will not be sent to any booth staff. 


Booth features

What are the features of my booth?
View the booth packages. For more detailed questions related to each feature, please contact

What size graphics do I need to supply for my booth or other advertising I've purchased?
Please refer to the exhibitor prospectus for graphic dimensions. You may also contact your booth sales representative for further information related to advertising and sponsorship details at, or call your ARVO Event Services at 703-706-8248.

I'd like more exhibitor registrations than are alloted in my booth package. What can I do?
Please contact with your request.


Additional help

Where do I go to receive help or answer other questions?
Prior to gaining access to the meeting platform to build your booth on April 1, please contact, or call ARVO Event Services at 703-706-8248 for questions related to your sponsorship package. 

Once you are granted access to the meeting platform on April 1, technical questions can be answered by meeting platform support staff. Please follow the support and help links in the platform for technical help.