ARVO 2018 Shuttle Service


ARVO 2018 Shuttle Service

Consult the ARVO Mobile App for real-time tracking of the next bus to arrive at your hotel.


Peak Service                  6:30am – 6:00pm


Peak Service                  6:30-10:30am & 4:30-8pm
Off-Peak Service*         10:30am-4:30pm


Peak Service                  6:30-10:30am & 4:30-9:30pm
Off-Peak Service*         10:30am-4:30pm


Peak Service                  6:30-10:30am & 4:30-9pm
Off-Peak Service*         10:30am-4:30pm


Peak Service                  6:30-10:30am & 4:30-7:30pm
Off-Peak Service*         10:30am-4:30pm


Peak Service                  6:30am-4:30pm

Route 1

Hilton Hawaiian Village (see signage in hotel lobby for boarding location)

Route 2

Royal Hawaiian (board at Aloha Landing)
Sheraton Waikiki (board at Aloha Landing)

Route 3

Courtyard Waikiki (walk to Sheraton Princess Kaiulani)
Moana Surfrider (board curbside on Kaiulani Ave)
Sheraton Princess Kaiulani (board curbside on Kaiulani Ave)

Route 4

Hilton Waikiki (board curside on Paoakalani Ave)
Marriott Waikiki (board curbside on Paoakalani Ave)

*During off-peak service, buses will operate as one route that will make stops at all serviced hotels. Transfer times will be longer than during peak service.