Travel documentation for ARVO 2019

For ARVO 2019 attendees traveling to Vancouver, British Columbia, here are some travel suggestions to help you enter Canada from another country (U.S. and others):

General tips:

  • In general, it is a good idea to carry the Border Agency letter with you when traveling into Canada for ARVO 2019.
  • ARVO offers a letter of invitation that members and meeting registrants can customize. (Login to view the letter)
  • ARVO can provide customized invitation letters based on abstract acceptance. To request an invitation letter, send an email to before March 18.
  • ARVO attendees from some countries will need visas to enter Canada. Anyone coming from one of those countries should apply for a visa as soon as possible.To determine if you will need a visa, please visit the Government of Canada’s visa page.

Important questions and answers about traveling to Canada for ARVO 2019

There are some important travel documents that will be required for those entering Canada for ARVO 2019 (for non-Canadian citizens).  For basic information about visiting Canada, visit the Canadian Government’s Visit Canada page.

  1. Will I need a passport to visit Canada for ARVO 2019?
    Yes. Aside from Canadian citizens, everyone entering Canada for ARVO 2019 must have a valid passport.

  2. Will I need a visa to visit Canada for ARVO 2019?
    Those traveling from certain countries to Canada will need a passport. To determine if you will need a visa, please visit the Government of Canada’s visa page. Apply for a visa to visit Canada.

  3. If I have a criminal conviction, can I enter Canada?
    There are certain convictions that could prevent you from entering Canada. View the Canadian Government’s list of reasons for inadmissibility. Also, to learn how you can overcome a criminal conviction to enter Canada, visit the Government’s page with information on this situation.

  4. If I am a foreign national working and living in the United States, can I enter Canada and what documentation do I need to return to the United States?
    If you are a citizen of another country but are living and working in the United States on a visa, you will have to make sure that you have enough entries to leave and come back. The United States Department of State has information about these requirements on their website