Basic Clinical Lecture

The 2018 Basic/Clinical Lecture will be presented from a basic perspective to clinical researchers.

Sunday, April 29, 8:15 - 10:15am

Retinal architecture and function: new insights
Organizers: Enrica Strettoi, Magali Saint Geniez, and Alan Stitt
Speakers: Kevin Briggman, Thomas Euler, Dennis Dacey, Bryan Jones, and Thomas Gardner

The symposium will bring together state-of-the art knowledge of the retinal connectome, highlighting new findings and placing them in the context of brain wiring diagram. Examples of normal and pathological retinal architecture will be given illustrating the multiple, newly identified roles of bipolar cells, and their exquisite stratification in the inner retina; the unique features of the human fovea; remodeling and corruption of retinal architecture in degenerative diseases; the unique contribution of glial cells to retinal physiology and pathological conditions.
Destined to everyone with interests in the retina as part of the brain, either using basic or applied approaches.