Champalimaud Vision Award Lecture

Tuesday, April 30, 5:45 - 6:45pm
ARVO Ballroom

Speakers: Jean Bennett, MD, PhD of Scheie Eye Institute and Robin Ali, PhD of Moorfields Eye Hospital  

The António Champalimaud Vision Award is presented to active research groups involved in basic or clinical research which has led to a major breakthrough in the understanding and/or the preservation of vision. The 2018 award recipients are Jean Bennett, MD, PhD and Albert M. Maguire, MD, Scheie Eye Institute, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; Robin Ali, PhD and James Bainbridge MD, PhD, Institute of Ophthalmology of the University College London and Moorfields Eye Hospital; Samuel G. Jacobson, MD, PhD and William W. Hauswirth, PhD, Scheie Eye Institute, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and University of Florida College of Medicine and Michael Redmond, PhD, National Eye Institute, U. S. National Institutes of  Health.

These awardees led to the successful treatment of a genetic cause of childhood blindness, a version of Leber Congenital Amaurosis, and demonstrated the potential for future developments in gene therapy to cure other inherited diseases. Their work resulted in the first gene therapy cure for an inherited human disease, paving the way for revolutionary new treatments for genetic conditions.

Attend the award lecture to hear Jean Bennett and Robin Ali present on their revolutionary work in genetics. Leonor Beleza of the Champalimaud Foundation will give opening remarks.

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