ARVO 2024 Annual Meeting

May 5 - 9 | Seattle, Wash.

ARVO 2024 Annual Meeting

May 5 - 9 | Seattle, Wash.


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Vision for the Future

Vision research is continually being transformed by new information and technologies that are catalyzing our research as we aim to treat, cure, and ultimately prevent blinding eye diseases.


Join us May 5 - 9 in Seattle, Wash., for a showcase of new research hosted under the theme, Vision for the Future.

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There are very sophisticated criminals who create a fake website for ARVO and other large meetings every year. These ‘companies’ have the ability to deceive members and attendees into paying false invoices. A commonly used strategy is to target people by posing as a third-party organization (such as MedConn) that handles payments and billing information or as an employed member of a company using relevant details and public information accessible online.


These actors focus on selling hotel rooms that either do not exist or that have been marked up in price. Registration sales are also included in their scams. Visit only or to book your hotel or to register.