Hotel information

The ARVO hotel block offers a variety of options to meet the needs of all Annual Meeting attendees, whether you choose a hotel by brand or by proximity to the Convention Center. This map of ARVO 2024 hotels may help you make your decision.

The official ARVO housing bureau is Orchid Events, which uses the services and booking website of Lanyon Passkey. ARVO 2024 attendees will need to book hotel reservations through this site by March 8, 2024, to receive ARVO rates. You will not be contacted directly by Orchid Events unless there is a question about your existing reservation.

International Group Reservations

The official International Group Housing bureau is ARVO IGD. ARVO 2024 international attendees requiring group services may book hotel reservations through ARVO IGD to receive ARVO rates. The all-inclusive international group housing package covers the room, breakfast, porterage, taxes and gratuities for an additional service fee. This service gives you access to an exclusive delegation management platform and a dedicated multilingual Group Manager to assist you with any customer service requests.

Avoid scam sites or housing pirates

When you book online through ARVO’s housing bureau you avoid potential scams. Companies that phone, fax or email attendees and exhibitors claiming to offer good deals on hotel rooms are commonly referred to as "housing pirates" or "housing bandits." They may falsely claim to be affiliated with ARVO. If you provide your credit card information to one of these companies, your card may be charged and you might not have a hotel room when you arrive in New Orleans.