Advertising and sponsorship opportunities

Women Winning PrizeOpportunities exist for organizations of all sizes and budgets. Whether you are looking to increase brand recognition, reinforce your reputation as an industry leader or establish a new business, an ARVO support opportunity can help you achieve your goal.

If you would like to exhibit, please visit our exhibitor information page.

ARVO membership information overview

  • 10,000+ members, with around 45% of our membership residing outside of the U.S.
  • 56% have a PhD, MD or both.
  • 64% have an academic university as their professional focus.
  • 31% say they have professional interest in retina, 14% in cornea and 12% in glaucoma.
  • 10% say their clinical research pertains to age-related macular degeneration, 9% to diabetic retinopathy and 8% to cataracts.

Advertising and sponsorship opportunities at ARVO 2021 virtual meeting

ARVO offers a variety of high-impact support and advertising opportunities to promote your brand, expertise, booth and leadership to the 10,000+ attendees throughout the ARVO 2021 Annual Meeting. Opportunities are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. View our 2021 sponsorship packages for more details. 


 Sponsorship Opportunities   ARVO 2021 logo


 Packages* all features will
 remain live on the platform     
 from April - June 30
 Package 5 
 Package 4 
 Package 3
 Package 2
 Package 1

 Virtual exhibit space to include
 company branding, including logo and header banner 

 x  x  x                   x                    x                      x                   

 Videos, documents and links in
 booth. 10GB file size limit for each. Can include:pdfs,.doc, .ppt, .mp4, image files. 

 x  x  x  x  x  x
 One-on-one 'Talk Now'
 Zoom video chats with any attendee
 in your booth
 x  x  x  x  x  x
 Group Discussion Forum in your booth  x  x  x  x  x  x
 Full list of all attendees
 who enter your booth
 x  x  x  x  x  x
 Booth staff registrations -
 includes access to full
 meeting site
 20  15  10  8  6  5
 Company name and link
 listed on Sponsors page on
 ARVO website
 x  x  x  x  x  x
 Logo included in rotating
 sponsor banner on
 homepage of meeting (200x200px)
 x  x  x  x  x  

 Rotating Banner advertisements
 within meeting platform for 
 duration of site (3 months)


 One of three  
 (ARVO will
 based on
 One of three
 (ARVO will
 based on






 Vendor presentation on demand
 in platform, ability to choose
 one time with live chat. List of
 attendees who viewed your
 presentation is available.
 2  1  1  1    
 Email/Web advertising


 One banner
 ad in one
 daily Annual
 plus 3-month
 ad in ARVO
 AM website
 One month
 ad package
 plus 3-mnth
 banner ad
 on ARVO
 AM website
 or Journals
 One month 
 ad package 


 banner ad

 Attendee inbox message in meeting
 platform (100 word limit)
 3 days  2 days  1 day      
 Post-show opt-in attendee list  x  x        

 Exclusive “Powered by” naming
 rights for platform

à la carte Sponsorships

Post-show opt-in attendee list with email addresses — $15,000
This is a list of attendees who have opted-in to share their contact information, including email address, with meeting exhibitors and sponsors

Vendor presentation — $3,000 for exhibitors; $5,000 for non-exhibitors
These presentations are recommended for delivering scientific content related to your company’s offerings

  • Pre-recorded and On-demand
  • 30 minutes
  • No conflict of interest or competition with scientific content
  • Data and tracking provided to vendors
  • Searchable via platform by keyword, and listed in meeting agenda and exhibitor booth
  • Sponsor may join session for live chat 
  • ARVO will review vendor presentations and has the right to deny content deemed in conflict of interest or inappropriate.
  • Availability: 1 per sponsor
  • Deadline to submit vendor presentation is April 16

Meet Up Lounges — $3,000 for exhibitors; $6,000 for non-exhibitors
These lounges are rooms with chat and Zoom capabilities where attendees can gather based on a specific common interest or for open networking.

  • Sponsor has naming rights
  • Sponsors receive the contact details of attendees who come to their meet up
  • Sponsor may provide own ideas for entertainment and/or games for this room, if desired


à la carte Advertisements
View exhibitor prospectus for file sizes and additional information

  • Insight twice-monthly all-member email banner advertisement = $600 per issue
  • Annual Meeting daily email banner advertisement = $750 premium, $650 non-premium banner; Pre/post-meeting issues also available
  • ARVO website banner advertisement = $3,000/3 months
  • Annual Meeting website banner advertisement = $3,000/3 months
  • ARVO Journals website banner advertisement = $3000 banner, $2,400 tower/3 months
  • ARVO Journals e-table of contents email banner advertisement: $1,000/ per mailing
  • Retargeting ad packages starting at $2,500 for one month (30,000 impressions)
  • Banner advertisement within the Pathable meeting platform (2560x200px) = $3,000 premium location (Agenda, Speakers, Homepage), $1,500 standard (Exhibit hall, other pages)

Contact ARVO Sales at 1.703.683.8500 or to create a customized impact and please view our media kit for more information.