Join the ARVO 2018 Eye-Venture

How to play
  • The Eye-venture sign identifies button pick up locations.

  • There are 21 opportunities to pick up a button at ARVO 2018. Some buttons are available at a specific location while others are available at a specific time.

  • 17 different buttons at ARVO 2018. Button quantities are limited and all buttons will be available on a first-come basis.

  • Watch the Annual Meeting e-Updates and ARVO’s website for daily pick-up times.

  • Watch for “secret” locations on ARVO’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Follow or Like ARVO to see the announcements.

Play to win!

Collect 8 different buttons and bring them to ARVO Central to be entered into a drawing to win prizes including free registration to ARVO 2019 in Vancouver. All entries must be submitted by 10:30am on Thursday, May 3. Winners will be announced at the closing keynote and will also be notified by email (you do not have to be present to win). Collect all the ARVO 2018 buttons! Make a $50 donation to the ARVO Foundation in ARVO Central, and we will thank you with all 17.

Throughout ARVO 2018, pick up buttons at the following locations (limited supply of buttons each day)

  • Complete the Online Education Survey at ARVO Central
  • Watch the International Chapters video and then name two ARVO Chapter locations at ARVO Central
  • Post a selfie from ARVO Central with the ARVO tag to Twitter or Facebook
  • Donate $10 to the ARVO Foundation online or at ARVO Central
  • Sign up for the ARVO journals’ eTOCs at ARVO Central or show staff that you have already signed up
  • Visit ARVO Central and share a story with staff about a member that has influenced your career
  • Book your room for ARVO 2019 at the Vancouver booth in Exhibit Hall
  • Follow ARVO on Facebook and Twitter for surprise button pick up announcements throughout ARVO 2018!