Members-in-Training Outstanding Poster Awards

Poster Presentation

MIT First Authors of the top five (5) scored abstracts scheduled as Poster presentations from each Scientific Section and Cross-sectional Group are eligible for consideration as award recipients and invited to participate in the MIT Outstanding Poster Award Competition held at the ARVO Annual Meeting.

One award recipient is selected from each Scientific Section and Cross-sectional Group. Award recipients are announced at the Closing Keynote Session during the Annual Meeting.

To be eligible for the MIT Outstanding Poster Award    
  • You must be an ARVO MIT member paid through the current year.
  • You must submit an abstract for the current Annual Meeting as First Author.
  • As part of your abstract submission process, you must indicate that you want to apply for the MIT Outstanding Poster Award.
  • You may apply for the MIT Outstanding Poster Award, a Travel Grant, and the ARVO Foundation Early Career Clinician-Scientist Research Award.
  • Your abstract must be accepted for Poster presentation at the current Annual Meeting.
  • Your abstract must receive one of the top five (5) review scores given by the reviewing Scientific Section or Cross-sectional Group to MIT First Authors who have applied for the award and whose abstracts have been accepted as Poster presentations.
  • Eligibility Acknowledgements will be sent to the First Authors of the top five scores from each Section/Group.
  • Eligible First Authors must accept their eligibility and confirm their participation in the session.
  • On-demand presenters are not eligible for these awards.

Congratulations to the 2024 awardees


Anatomy and Pathology/Oncology — Nilda Sanchez-Castellanos

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology — Gerda Cristal Villalba Silva

Clinical/Epidemiologic Research — Anna Voigt

Cornea — Remya Ammassam Veettil

Eye Movements/Strabismus/Amblyopia/Neuro-Ophthalmology — Randolph Kwaw

Genetics Cross-sectional group — William Presley

Glaucoma — Abhilash Katuru

Immunology/Microbiology — Rylee Cisney

Lens — Sepideh Cheheltani

Low Vision Cross-sectional group — Arda Fidanci

Multidisciplinary Ophthalmic Imaging Cross-sectional group — Yao Cai

Physiology/Pharmacology — Riley Filister

Retina — Haemin Kang

Retinal Cell Biology — Jesse Gardner-Russell

Visual Neuroscience — Rachel Oaks-Leaf

Visual Psychophysics/Physiological Optics — Nickolas Chen