Members-in-Training Outstanding Poster Awards

Congratulations to the following 2018 winners of the MIT Poster Award Contest:

Anatomy and Pathology/Oncology
Léo Piquet

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Thilo Buck

Clinical/Epidemiologic Research
Jeannette Yu

Tomas Blanco

Eye Movements/Strabismus/Amblyopia/Neuro-Ophthalmology
Sohaib Rufai

Genetics Cross-sectional Group
Neeru Vallabh

Tasneem Khatib

Melinda Grosser

Fatima Wazin

Low Vision Cross-sectional Group
Meesa Maeng

Multidisciplinary Ophthalmic Imaging Cross-sectional Group
Isaac Bleicher

Kelvin Teo

Marco Nassisi

Retinal Cell Biology
Rachel Hutto

Visual Neuroscience
Gail Stanton

Visual Psychophysics/Physiological Optics
Min Chen


The MIT Committee announces the Members-in-Training (MIT) Outstanding Poster Award for the ARVO 2018 Annual Meeting.

MIT First Authors of the top five (5) scored abstracts scheduled as Poster presentations from each Scientific Section and Cross-sectional Group will be eligible for consideration as award recipients and invited to participate in the MIT Outstanding Poster Award Competition during the Annual Meeting.

One award recipient will be selected from each Scientific Section and Cross-Sectional Group. Each recipient will receive a $100 award and an award certificate. Award recipients will be announced at the Thursday Keynote Session during the Annual Meeting.  

To be eligible for the MIT Outstanding Poster Award    

  • You must be an ARVO MIT member paid through 2018.
  • You must submit an abstract for the 2018 Annual Meeting as First Author.
  • As part of your abstract submission process, you must indicate that you want to apply for the MIT Outstanding Poster Award.
  • You may apply for the MIT Outstanding Poster Award, a Travel Grant, and the Alcon Award.
  • Your abstract must be accepted for Poster presentation at the 2018 Annual Meeting.
  • Your abstract must receive one of the top five (5) review scores given by the reviewing Scientific Section or Cross-sectional Group to MIT First Authors who have applied for the award and whose abstracts have been accepted as Poster presentations.
  • Eligibility Acknowledgements will be sent to the First Authors of the top five scores from each Section/Group by Thursday, Feb. 28.  
  • Eligible First Authors must accept their eligibility and confirm their participation in the on-site judging session.

On-site Competition for MIT Outstanding Poster Award    

  • Eligible First Authors who have accepted and confirmed their participation in the on-site competition must present their abstract poster on their regularly-assigned poster presentation day during their scheduled Poster Session and during the All Posters session on that day; and again at the MIT Outstanding Poster Award Competition on Tuesday, May 1.
  • The competition will be held in a separate room outside of the Annual Meeting's poster display area.
  • All participating MIT First Authors must mount their posters prior to the start of the competition, make their poster presentations concurrently during the 90 minute competition, and remove their posters at the conclusion.  
  • The competition will be listed in the Annual Meeting agenda as an event open to all meeting participants for viewing competing posters and poster presentations.
  • The MIT Committee will coordinate the judging of the competition. Judging will be based on how effectively a poster relays the abstract's research and on how effectively the MIT First Author discusses the research with the judges and meeting participants.
  • One award recipient from each Scientific Section and Cross-sectional Group will be selected by the MIT Committee and announced on Thursday during the Keynote Session.
  • Award recipients will each receive a $100 award and an award certificate.