Mobile App Tips


1. How do I download the mobile app?

On your mobile device look for your IOS (Apple) and Android app store. This should be an icon already on your phone. Enter the store and search for 'ARVO 2024'. Download the app from the store and you are ready to go.

2. How do I find the location of my or a colleague’s poster or paper session?

You can use the global search bar near the top of the app home screen that says “Search Everything” to enter any information you have about a paper or poster session (e.g., name of first author, session name, name of moderator) to find what you are looking for.

3. I’m in the Seattle Convention Center and can’t figure out how to get from one session to the other. How can the app help?

If you navigate to the specific paper or poster session you are interested in, you will see a map icon at the top left. If you touch that icon, a map of the Convention Center will be pulled up and at the top and you will see a bar that states “Map me to [name of the session you just choose].” When you touch that button, a step-by-step path from your current location in the Convention Center to that session will be highlighted on the map.

4. How do I find a specific exhibitor?

Touch the 'Exhibitors' button on the home screen, then view the list of exhibitors in alphabetical order. You can search for a specific exhibitor, view a map of the exhibit hall, or scroll through the list. Touching each exhibitor name will open up a screen with more information about that exhibitors’ company, including their booth number.

5. How do I create a schedule for ARVO 2024 in the mobile app?

From the Home screen, click on 'My Scheduled Sessions'. You will be prompted to log in with your ARVO website credentials. The Schedule is listed by day and if you touch the session you are interested in, it will open and show the individual talks or posters within. You then touch and hold on the session you are interested in for 1-2 seconds and the session will be added to your schedule. It will show a calendar icon next to it now. The next time you access the main schedule, your session will appear in bold color and be highlighted.

6. Can I link the schedule I created in the Online Planner to the mobile app?

Yes, all you must do is touch the “My Schedule” icon, then it will prompt you to login to your ARVO account, and then all your saved sessions from the online planner will be visible on your “My Schedule” section.

7. Can I take notes in the app?

Yes, when navigated to a specific paper or poster session within the app, click on the icon shaped like a piece of paper in the top right. This is a note taking feature.

8. What can I do with the notes after the meeting?

Once you have added notes, you can select the “My Favorites” icon and here you can email your notes and starred sessions to yourself as an attachment. Note, if you delete the app your notes will be deleted with the app. Be sure to send them to yourself before deleting the app from your device.

9. Can I download or print a PDF of an entire session or a specific paper/poster?

Yes, if you navigate to the specific paper or poster session you are interested in, you can scroll to the bottom of that screen and download abstracts from that session. Once downloaded you can share the pdf as you would normally share a document on your mobile device, including emailing to yourself, saving to files, or adding to Notes in your mobile device.

10. I don’t know what all these buttons and icons on the Home screen mean. Where can I get an overview of everything?

Click on the 'More' icon in the bottom right, then touch 'Help'. This easy to use guide will let you know what each icon does.

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