Award Lectures

Sunday, April 29

Proctor Award Lecture

10:45 - 11:30am
From observations in the retina clinic to insights into pathophysiology

Clinical diagnoses remain the starting point for detection of monogenic outer retinal degenerations, but advances in non-invasive tools have added opportunities to understand further the pathophysiology. Add molecular diagnostics and science collaboration, these human photoreceptor and retinal pigment epithelium diseases are now entering an era of novel therapeutics.

Recipients: Artur Cideciyan, PhD and Samuel Jacobson, MD, PhD, FARVO

 Artur Cideciyan Samuel Jacobson

Friedenwald Award Lecture

11:45am - 12:30pm
What Escher and Bach teach us about Immunology

In this lecture, Reza Dana will provide an overview of ocular immune regulation, and relate fundamental qualities of immune cell phenotype and function to the art of M.C. Escher and the music of J.S. Bach.

Recipient: Reza Dana, MD, MSc, MPH, FARVO

Reza Dana

Weisenfeld Award Lecture

5:15 - 6pm
Discovering mechanisms in the changing and diverse pathology of ROP

In this lecture, Mary Elizabeth Hartnett will speak about retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), a leading cause of childhood blindness worldwide. ROP and factors imparting risk have changed over time and vary throughout the world. She will discuss the roles of oxygen and VEGF signaling in both pathologic and physiologic angiogenesis focusing on work her lab has done to understand VEGF signaling and how this has translated to current trials using anti-VEGF agents. She will also describe the need for optimal models to assess pathophysiology as well as protective mechanisms to prevent ROP.

Recipient: Mary Elizabeth Hartnett, MD, FACS, FARVO

Mary Elizabeth Hartnett

Wednesday, May 2

Cogan Lecture

10:15 - 11am
From Micro Imaging to Macro Functioning in Glaucoma

Technological advances have dramatically changed the glaucoma landscape. This lecture addresses some of the challenges in determining how these new technologies can result in meaningful improvements in patient outcomes, from structural imaging of glaucomatous damage to virtual-reality assessment of functional impairment.

Recipient: Felipe Medeiros, MD

Felipe Medeiros