Planning Resources

Access these brief online modules as you prepare for the meeting. 

How to prepare for your first ARVO meeting experience: Incorporate advice from your peers as you plan for the meeting. Learn more

Networking fundamentals: Create an effective self-introduction and gain insight into networking with people from various cultures. Learn more

Sunday, April 28

Trainee/First Time Attendees Info Table
8am - 5:30pm
Stop by the desk on the first floor of the West Building outside of room 108 and get questions answered, grab meeting materials and get advice on how to make the most of the Meeting.

MIT Lounge 
Sponsored by   Regeneron
10am - 4pm
Sunday - Wednesday

Relax and meet with colleagues in the MIT Lounge in room 107/108 of the West Building. Coffee will be served in the morning and light snacks will be available in the afternoon (while supplies last). 

Grant writing: Early career funding opportunities
1 - 2:30pm
This workshop focuses on providing ARVO trainees with advice on strategies to prepare a successful grant application. A panel of experts from government and non-governmental funding agencies and industry, including grant review panel members and foundation and industry sources will provide advice on application preparation, what separates fundable from unfundable applications, and strategies to engage industry support.

Sunday Social at the Vancouver Aquarium! (seperate ticket required)
7 - 10:00pm
Vancouver Aquarium

Always a popular event, this year's Sunday Social features exhibits, animals, a dolphin and sea lion show and a 4-D movie experience.

$30.00 (includes admission and two drinks)
$20.00 for children 18 and under (with the purchase of an adult ticket)
Registration for the ARVO Annual Meeting is required to attend this event. Tickets for the Sunday Social can be purchased online or onsite Saturday and Sunday (depending upon availability). These tickets are non-refundable.

Monday, April 29

Trainee/First Time Attendees Info Table
8am - 1pm
Stop by the desk on the first floor of the West Building outside of room 108 and get questions answered, grab meeting materials and get advice on how to make the most of the Meeting.

Resume Review
10am - 1pm
Getting a job is hard. Why make it harder with a flawed resume?

Members-in-Training are invited to participate in the MIT Committee sponsored resume review on Monday, April 29 during the ARVO Annual Meeting. Bring a printed copy of your resume for the opportunity for a one-on-one 20 minute review and feedback session with an ARVO member experienced in the hiring process. Reviews will take place in room 107/108.

In order to reserve your review session, stop by the First Timers table on Sunday, April 28 to sign up. Any unclaimed spots or no-shows will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis on Monday. (As review time is only 20 minutes, late arrivals will be treated as no-shows, if someone who has not signed up is waiting to claim an available timeslot).

MIT Lounge
10am - 4pm
Relax and meet with colleagues in the MIT Lounge in room 107/108 of the West Building.

MIT Career Forum
1:15 - 2:45pm
This workshop is aimed at helping students, post-docs and fellows prepare for their next career move. Invited speakers will provide their perspectives on careers in academia (teaching and research), industry, NIH intramural laboratories and nonprofit research foundations. Speakers will discuss lessons they have learned and what resources are available to make the transition. The small group discussion will be held in the form of various roundtables focusing on topics ranging from preparing your CV, current activities and training you will need for various career choices, to negotiating a startup package.

Getting Published: The light and dark sides...
1:15 - 2:45pm
This workshop is part of an annual series co-sponsored by the ARVO Publications and Members-in Training Committees. As scholarly publishing continues to grow, so too do pressures on scientists to continue to write and publish excellent material while also allowing only the most completely reviewed and high quality of manuscripts to emerge from the peer-review process favorably. It is therefore essential that scientists not only develop the abilities to successfully communicate their research and evaluate manuscripts (as part of the peer-review process) but also be able to adapt to the changing landscape of publishing in effective and ethical manners. The goal of this workshop will be to discuss tips for successfully writing and reviewing manuscripts. Invited speakers will provide their perspectives on how to most effectively write your work for publication, how to avoid the sometimes “blurry” lines of plagiarism (including self-plagiarism), how to produce strong and ethical reviews, and how to understand the many different journal and author indices that currently exist, as well as why we should care about them.

Student/Trainee Social
7:30 - 9pm
West Pacific Terrace
Vancouver Convention Centre 

Members-in-Training are invited to join us in honoring 2019 travel and research grant recipients. Please come mingle with your colleagues, make new acquaintances and meet members of the ARVO Board of Trustees.

Tuesday, April 30

Breakfast with the Experts (separate registration opening soon)
7 - 8:30am
Harbour Ballroom
Vancouver Convention Centre

This very popular program offers informal discussions over a continental breakfast on a wide range of topics to provide personal guidance, insight and skills to help you advance your career. Organized by the Members-in-Training Committee. 

MIT Lounge
10am - 4pm
Relax and meet with colleagues in the MIT Lounge in room 107/108 of the West Building

Members-in-Training Poster Award Competition
4:15 - 5:45pm
Exhibit Hall
Vancouver Convention Centre

MIT First Authors of the top five scored abstracts scheduled as poster presentations from each Scientific Section and Cross-sectional Group will be eligible for consideration as award recipients and invited to participate in the MIT Outstanding Poster Award Competition during the Annual Meeting. Learn more

Wednesday, May 1

MIT Lounge
10am - 4pm
Relax and meet with colleagues in the MIT Lounge on the 3rd floor outside of room 318B.

Clinician-Scientist Forum: How to become a successful clinician-scientist
12:15 - 1:45pm
Internationally renowned clinician-scientists at various stages in their careers will share their experiences and provide valuable advice on how to become a successful clinician-scientist. An NEI extramural representative will be available to discuss clinician-scientist specific funding mechanisms.

How to tell m (e) y (e) story? Why effective communication is needed now more than ever to increase 
12:15 - 1:45pm
Everyone loves a good story, but what makes a story great? Moreover, more importantly, what makes someone an effective storyteller? This interactive workshop, co-sponsored by ARVO’s AOC, MIT and GMC committees, will explore how to harness the power of storytelling to effectively communicate your research. We will feature successful leaders and rising stars in our field who will discuss how to shape your narrative to engage a variety of audiences including experts in your field, funding bodies, patient groups, and the general public. Our speakers will share real-life examples of how effective communication has helped them build strong and sustainable research programs, launch their careers and make a difference for the patients and communities they serve. Attendees will also learn about resources available to ARVO members including practical advice on dos and don'ts in communicating one’s research. Attendees will have the opportunity to work in small groups to implement strategies and practice the art of storytelling on their own research during the workshop. Attend this timely, practical and interactive workshop, which may even help you get that next grant!

ARVO Classical Concert at the Vancouver Convention Centre
8 - 10pm
Be sure to attend another ARVO classic. ARVO members perform some of the best-known classical selections at this popular concert event. Sit back, relax and enjoy the chamber music.

ARVO Karaoke Night (ticket purchase required)
The Blackbird Public House
905 Dunsumir Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1A8

Show your vocal talents or cheer on your favorite performer at ARVO's annual Karaoke Night! Come out for light snacks, great drinks and an awesome time! Cash bar and light snacks provided. You must be 21 years or older to attend this event.

Cost: $10.00 (includes admission and one drink)

Registration for the ARVO Annual Meeting is required to attend this event. Tickets for Karaoke Night can be purchased online or onsite Saturday - Wednesday (depending upon availability).