Communicating about abstracts

COVID-19 Update

ARVO Annual Meeting accepted abstract authors were recently informed of their options to present their research via alternative platforms. Once staff are able to triage their decisions, ARVO will communicate with press and media as to how this may affect ARVO’s embargo policy and further, how we may be able to accommodate press and media's needs.

As a reminder, abstracts are available via the Online Planner.

We appreciate your patience during these unprecedented times.


Embargo policy: Press releases or stories on information presented at the ARVO Annual Meeting may not be released or published until the conclusion of the presentation.The only exception to this is if an author has submitted the abstract to a journal, as allowed in the Abstract Unpublished Work Policy, and it is published prior to the ARVO Annual Meeting.

ARVO holds copyright on all abstracts accepted for presentation at the ARVO Annual Meeting. We encourage the promotion of research presented at our Annual Meeting as long as it conforms to the following guidelines:

  • Companies that find it necessary or choose to distribute abstract-related communications are required to provide the text of press releases or other communications to ARVO for review prior to distribution. Please send draft releases to Erin Hering, Manager of Science Communications
  • ARVO does not share its news release distribution list or its list of journalist attendees with outside organizations.
  • ARVO Annual Meeting online program materials and publications aim to promote vision research and scientific discourse for educational purposes. ARVO accepts no responsibility for any products, presentations, opinions, statements or positions expressed; and inclusion of such material within the Meeting, the publications or posted online does not constitute an endorsement by ARVO.
  • ARVO does not undertake responsibility for providing updated information relating to material presented in abstracts.
  • ARVO requests that after abstracts have been accepted for presentation at the 2020 Annual Meeting, related communications that are required to fulfill Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or other regulations be released only after March 5, 2019, when the abstracts are made publicly available through our online Abstract Search and Itinerary Builder.
  • Information contained in such releases is limited to the content of the abstract. Additional information about the study or research to be presented at the ARVO Annual Meeting cannot be included in the press release.
  • The abstract cannot be reprinted in its entirety.
  • Direct quotations from abstracts are limited to 50 words or less. Quotations must contain an attribution to ARVO as follows: 

 © Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology 2020. Paraphrases of abstract content are acceptable.

  • All other press releases are embargoed until the conclusion of presentation at the ARVO Annual Meeting.