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Press Credentials

ARVO press credentials are granted to individuals who are on assignment for or employees of a media outlet appropriate to the coverage of eye and vision research news. Credentialed media also receive complimentary access to the on-demand components. ARVO expects that after the Annual Meeting press attendees will provide the association with links or hard copies of their coverage. Please send this information to

Please read the Press Policies and Eligibility Criteria before you apply for press credentials.

Who is eligible for press registration?   

  • Media representatives, including editorial staff/representatives (reporters, writers, editors) of publications including broadcast media, print and electronic newspapers, news services and magazines.
  • Freelance science writers
  • Internet news outlets (bloggers may be considered)
  • Science or medical journals with news sections
  • Journalism students

Note: Applicants may be asked to provide additional information for verification, including mastheads or editorial pages and recent bylined articles.

Who is not eligible for press registration?   

  • Representatives of public relations, advertising or marketing firms
  • Representatives of corporate public relations, advertising and marketing departments
  • Representatives of financial analysis firms
  • Scientists and ARVO members
  • Publishers and representatives of advertising, sales or marketing departments of publications or broadcast media
  • Representatives of special interest groups

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Press Policies

  • Embargo policy: 

Press releases or any stories on information published within the ARVO Annual Meeting may not be released or published until the embargo date specified by ARVO. The only exception to this is if an author has submitted the abstract to a journal, as allowed in the Abstract Unpublished Work Policy, and it is published prior to the ARVO Annual Meeting.

The research presented at the ARVO Annual Meeting may be proprietary or may have been submitted for publication. The press must seek approval from the presenter(s) before reporting data found in abstracts or heard or seen in presentations during the Meeting. Any individual who does not adhere to the press release policy will be asked to forfeit his or her press credentials at the discretion of the Marketing and Communications Department. Read more.

    • Embargo Dates 

All Posters, Paper session, Symposia, Minisymposia, Cross-sectional Groups, and invited speaker sessions that have specific presentation times will be embargoed until the end of those individual time slots.

  • Recording and photography policy: In accordance with our culture of academic integrity, recording by any means including, but not limited to photographing, audiotaping, videotaping, screen capturing and/or screen recording of any presentations or sessions — whether virtual or in-person — at or during any ARVO Meeting (Annual Meeting, Bench to Bedside, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Read more.
  •  ARVO logo use policy, updated as of March 11, 2021

The logos of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology are ARVO trademarks and may only be used by those who have received explicit prior permission from ARVO for a specific use. This permission is usually granted based on a shared initiative or special arrangement. For questions and requests for approval, please contact

The ARVO logo must be used in its entirety and not be altered in any way (including proportion, color, element, type); and never tilted, skewed, expanded, condensed or placed inside a shape. See ARVO’s Branding and Identity Guide for specific details.

The ARVO logo represents and identifies the Association and its activities. It is essential that the logo be used properly to ensure its continued value to the Association and its members. Therefore, ARVO reserves the right to immediately terminate the use of its logo to anyone at any time. Legal action can be taken against anyone who uses the ARVO logo in violation of the policy.

  • Distribution lists: ARVO does not share its news release distribution list or its list of journalist attendees.
  • Non-ARVO press materials. News releases, press kits or other announcements from industry representatives, public relations firms or communications companies may be emailed to for possible placement in the Online Press Room. Acceptance of such materials for placement in the Online Press Room is at the sole discretion of the Marketing and Communications Department. ARVO is not responsible for any misrepresentations made in these materials (e.g., stating that a study was presented as part of the Annual Meeting when it was not selected as part of the program).