ARVO 2019 Annual Meeting Matching Gift Campaign

ARVO 2019 attendees raised over $42,000

ARVO 2019 Annual Meeting Matching Gift Campaign

ARVO President Steve Fliesler announces meeting the campaign goal at ARVO 2019

We did it! 

Thanks to the generosity of ARVO 2019 attendees and a $15,000 matching challenge from ARVO member Steve T. Charles, MD, we smashed our $30,000 fundraising goal in Vancouver!

Over the course of the meeting, ARVO attendees gave generously to the ARVO Foundation to invest in the future of vision science. In total, the ARVO Foundation raised over $42,000 at the ARVO Annual Meeting in Vancouver. 

These contributions will support travel awards for trainees to attend the ARVO 2020 meeting in Baltimore. 

2019 ARVO Foundation Travel Grant recipients

Thanks to the generosity of ARVO 2018 attendees in Honolulu, the following young scientists attended the ARVO 2019 Annual Meeting with travel grants supported by those funds:

16 young scientists who received an ARVO Foundation travel grant pose togetherAlessandra Marie Carmichael Martins
University College Dublin
Abstract title: Influence of the Stiles-Crawford effect of the first kind on visual acuity for decentered pupils

Greta Chiaravalli
Politecnico di Milano
Abstract title: A theoretical study of vascular configurations of retinal capillary plexi based on OCTA data

Cassandra Hays
University of Nebraska Medical Center
United States
Abstract title: Multiquantal release from rod ribbons is facilitated by syntaxin3B.

Xin He
Eye Institute of Xiamen University
Abstract title: High fat diet induced functional and pathological changes in lacrimal gland

Norianne Ingram
United States
Abstract title: Voltage-clamp currents and light responses of mouse cones 

Joo Yeun Lee
University of California San Francisco
United States
Abstract title: Changes in Inhibitory Retinal Circuits Following Partial Cone Loss

Justin Parreno
The Scripps Research Institute
United States
Abstract title: Tpm3.1 prevents the acquisition of the myofibroblast phenotype by lens cells, suppressing cataract development

Youngje Sung
Bundang CHA medical center
Abstract title: Treatment of Macular Degeneration Using Human Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Embryonic Stem cell Derived Retinal Pigment Epithelium: 1-Year Results in an Asian Patient

David Swygart
Northwestern University
United States
Abstract title: Functional divergence at the mouse type 6 bipolar cell terminal

Katherine Thanyamongkhonsawat
Vollum Institute
United States
Abstract title: Proton-mediated inhibition of L-type Ca2+ currents in AII amacrine cells

Kasia Trzcionkowska
Leiden University Medical Center
Abstract title: Outcome and quality of ROP-screening in a nationwide survey in the Netherlands

Andrea Urqueta Alfaro
Universite de Montreal
Abstract title: The impact of mild cognitive impairment on the accuracy of an interview based assessment of vision and/or hearing loss

Mo Wang
Shanghai Jiaotong University
Abstract title: Sustained mitochondrial GSH is critical for retinal protection: characterization of GSH carrier proteins in RPE and protection by increased expression with αB crystallin chaperone peptide.

Phillip Yuhas
The Ohio State University College of Optometry
United States
Abstract title: Endogenous Adenosine-Mediated Suppression of ipRGC Photoresponses during Dark Adaptation

Wei Zhu
Qingdao University
Abstract title: Defined- and Xeno-free differentiation of human iPSCs to functional trabecular meshwork cells

Megan Zipperer
University of Louisville
United States
Abstract title: Multimodal classification of mouse retinal ganglion cell types