Cross-sectional Group Sessions

If your interests are not easily defined by just one section, consider these cross-sectional platform sessions.

Monday, April 30   

Visible Light OCT
Organizers: Hiroshi Ishikawa, Yali Jia, and Stacey S. Choi
Speakers: Hao Zhang, Francois Delori, Edward N. Pugh, Acner Camino Benech, Shau Poh Chong, and Amani Fawzi

The utility of visible light OCT has been demonstrated in both clinical and research studies for retinal imaging
(Anatomy, angiography and oximetry). This is a rapidly evolving technology that could have a significant impact on ophthalmic research and clinical studies. This MOI session provides the most updated information regarding visible OCT and discusses the current limitations and future directions.

Tuesday, May 1


Making good on the promise of genetics for eye diseases: The successes and challenges along the translational pathway
Organizers: Eranga Vithana, Zi-Bing Jin, and Yutao Liu
Speakers: Rui Chen, Jamie E. Craig, Stephen Tsang, Paul N. Baird, and Alex W. Hewitt

The application of genetic knowledge to benefit human health has never looked more promising. Next-generation sequencing technologies are helping to reveal genetic variants underlying both simple and complex traits and some gene-based therapies are achieving clinical success. This session covers topics that demonstrate the many ways in which genetic knowledge is changing management of hereditary eye diseases. Successful gene identification and application of screening tests are informing diagnoses. Increasing therapeutic opportunities are available through gene therapy and perhaps before long, personalized risk assessments may be possible for some complex disease, with tailored treatments possible through application of pharmacogenomics. This session also highlights the challenges of genomic medicine and how we may overcome them in the future to bring the full promise of genetics to fruition.

Wednesday, May 2

Implementing low vision service
Organizers: Russell Woods, Joanne Wood, and Nicole Ross
Speakers: Jill Keeffe, Kovin Naidoo, and Olga Overbury

In the global efforts to reduce the impact of vision impairment, blindness, and low vision, the emphasis has been on prevention and treatment of eye diseases and provision of refractive correction. Vision rehabilitation has received less attention. This session will concentrate on the provision of services to people with low vision. Of particular interest is providing low vision services in mid- and low-income settings, improving access and reducing barriers to access, and how research can influence policy decisions and service implementation at regional and country level by organizations and governments.